Kevin Durant is the Wild Card in Round 3 of Cavs vs Warriors

Cavs vs Warriors: A Renewed Rivalry by Ashley Baker THE SHAKE UP Sometimes success isn’t as far as you think. Sometimes success is right across the bay. This is certainly the case for Superstar Kevin Durant who made Oakland, CA his new home after departing Oklahoma City, OK during this past NBA’s offseason. When

5 Women Who Can Be Huge in the Mae Young Class

  WWE announced an all Women's Tournament in honor of Hall of Famer Mae Young. For any women's wrestling fan, this is one of the turns of the division that many have been waiting for. There are some names that fans will expect to see due to the roster change from

These Women Could Cash In On Money In The Bank

  It's about time! WWE has advertised a Women’s Revolution for going on two years now. The women are valued for their in ring ability and not their looks. Do not get it twisted, they are all attractive in their own right, but when you see a match between Charlotte and

Jamal Adams Wins $50,000 Before Playing an NFL Snap

Jamal for the Win! With the 6th pick of the 2017 NFL draft, the New York Jets select Jamal Adams of LSU. Adams was selected 32 years after his father George Adams was selected by the New York Giants. Certainly, a New York State of Mind for the Adams Family. But

Wizards Know the Keyword to Advancing is FOCUS The Washington Wizards defeated the Atlanta Hawks to take a 3-2 series lead. They took a 2-0 lead but when the series shifted to Atlanta, they dropped both games to even the series at 2 games. They know they must focus if they want to close out this series on