Cowboys’ path to next season

With a disappointing lost to Green Bay in the playoffs, the Cowboys has to invest in their secondary. With a 13-3 record, the Cowboys displayed a lot of patience with their running attack, made it comfortable for Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, and went back to playing fundamental ball. Dallas shocked

Cowboys Zone Episode: 9

On today's episode Ashley Baker and Joshua Vinson previews the match up between the Packers and Cowboys. We discuss how  can Dallas' defense stop or slow down Aaron Rodgers and will the injury to Nelson affect the Packers. We also talk about if the moment may be too big for

Cowboys Zone Episode 8:

"On Today's Episode of the Cowboys Zone we welcome a special guest, Brian H. Waters. He joins Ashley Baker and Joshua A. Vinson as we discuss a lot of football. First we take a look at Monday night's game between the Cowboys and the Lions. We address concerns for the

Cowboys Zone Episode 6:

"On today's episode of Cowboys Zone, Ashley Baker and Joshua Vinson discuss a variety of topics. We highlight what went wrong with the Cowboys offense and how last Sunday's game was the best defensive we've seen all season from the boys. In addition, we preview Sundaynight's match up between Tampa

COWBOY ZONE: Episode 4

"On this episode of the Cowboys Zone, Ashley Baker and Joshua Vinson talks about the Cowboys win at Minnesota. We also discussed how the Cowboys are the first team to clinch a playoffs spot due to the Arizona Cardinals winning vs the Washington Redskins. We preview next Sunday's game at

Episode Three Of The Cowboys Zone

Ashley Baker and Joshua Vinson recaps the Thanksgiving Day game between Washington and Dallas. Despite Dallas winning the game, Ashley and Josh both admit that the defense is concerning for the Cowboys and Washington had too many miss opportunities and that is why they weren't victorious. Ashley then gives out

Episode Two of the Cowboys Zone

Episode 2: Ashley Baker and Joshua Vinson recaps Dallas' victory over the Baltimore Ravens. We take a look back at Tony Romo's poetic speech he gave. Ashley and Josh discuss was the speech necessary or was it more of a distraction? Also, we looked ahead to a game we will

Episode One of the Cowboys Zone

"On our first episode Ashley Baker and Joshua Vinson breaks down the Cowboys this season. We highlight last night win against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Also we dive into the conversation of Dak Prescott vs Tony Romo. Also Ashley gives out her "AMVP" award. Stay tuned here for all of the