UEFA Europa League Group Stage Predictions

Yesterday the group stage of Europa League started, therefore it is the perfect time to give my thoughts. 126 teams have played and now there are only 26 teams in the group stage. Group A SK Slavia Praha Villareal FC FC Astana Maccabi Tel Aviv SK Slavia Praha defeated Maccabi Tel Aviv 1-0, Villareal pulled off

UEFA Champions League Group Stage Predictions

The last two days, 22 soccer teams will have started to battle it out in the group stage UEFA Champions League. Therefore it is a perfect opportunity to give my predictions for the group stage. Group A Manchester United CSKA Moskva Basel Benfica Manchester United made quick work of Basel and defeated them 3-0. CSKA Moskva

Stronger, Faster, Better: Kylian Mbappe Joins PSG

An 18-year-old soccer Kylian Mbappe phenom from AS Monaco has all the top clubs bidding for his services. Paris Saint-Germain made it official they have acquired Mbappe on a one-year loan from AS Monaco. Here are my overall thoughts on this block buster move from the France giants. Making another splash The

Kyrie Irving and Neymar Lead New Generation of Stars

The new generation of today's star behaves nothing like the stars of old, and Kyrie Irving and Neymar are the antithesis of this. Both of these talents are looking to make their own name from under the shadows of the greats they play(ed) with. For instance, Kyrie wants a trade away

Premier League 2017-18 Season Preview

Today is the start of another exciting Premier League season one aspect that is guaranteed it will be another unpredictable season. Here are my thoughts and a couple of takeaways for the upcoming season. New faces There are so many new faces that are playing on new teams in England but all

Neymar Jr: What Is His Legacy At Barcelona?

Humble beginnings Back in 2013, Neymar made the transition from his childhood club in Brazil Santos to Barcelona. It was a start of a new era for Barcelona, At the time, £50 M was paid for the Brazilian striker, Neymar smashed records at Santos he tallied 136 goals. Supporting cast Neymar did not

Neymar To PSG: The New Chapter

Today, it was made official at Neymar's first Paris St. Germain press conference. Neymar has official become the world's most expensive footballer with the move from Barcelona to PSG. Here are my overall thoughts on the biggest transfer move in soccer. Laughing to the Bank Brazil forward Neymar, 25, has signed a