The Ricardo Report Episode 50:

This week on the Ricardo Report Chad discusses, Black Sports online vs The Ricardo Report: Who's take is Better for the People? He will also examine the Maryland Playoff Breakdown with Kyle McFadden of Maryland Access Sports and not to mention the Va6a Recap and Va6a Pick Em's

The Ricardo Report Episode 49:

On the Ricardo Report this week you will hear discussion regarding Beau English and Kasim Hill, are they the "New Black" or just a Flash in the Pan?The WCAC Championship, Dematha vs. St. Johns, A Recap of Last weeks Public School football  in VA and MD. Pick Em Games, for  VA

The Ricardo Report: Episode 48

On the Ricardo Report this week you will hear discuss regarding Kaepernick did not Vote. Should we still support him and his Cause? Is it in bounds for respected Coaches to weigh in on Donald Trump? WCAC talk. DeMatha vs. Good Counsel, St. Johns vs Gonzaga, and DeMatha vs. St. Johns

The Ricardo Report Episode 46:

On the Ricardo Report this week  Chad and Monet discuss,  Are the Warriors Now Villains? Do they Deserve to Be?, WCAC talk, Who you got? Reasons Good Counsel could beat St. Johns. Reasons we BELIEVE in Gonzaga, They also recap of last weeks action and give you their picks for

The Ricardo Report Episode 46

-This week on the Ricardo Report discuss is it Fair or Foul to End the Career of Josh Brown after Domestic Abuse.  They also have "Interviews" with WCAC coaches. You also will hear a Recap of last weeks Premiere Match-ups. They will give you their ALL DMV Top 10, and