Cowboys Zone Episode 8:

“On Today’s Episode of the Cowboys Zone we welcome a special guest, Brian H. Waters. He joins Ashley Baker and Joshua A. Vinson as we discuss a lot of football. First we take a look at Monday night’s game between the Cowboys and the Lions. We address concerns for the Lions as they are slowly falling from grace and we look at all the positives of the Cowboys as they seem to be rolling.  We debate if Zeke will break Eric Dickerson’s rookie rushing record. Brian tells us how he really feels about Dickerson. We then talk about Dez Bryant and discuss how he’s bringing his “A-Game” as of late.Lastly we talk about are the Packers for real? How will Oakland survive without their quarterback and so much more and of course we gave out our “MVP” awards. Ashley and Brian tend to be in agreement with their AMVP/ Main Event awards and as expected Josh continues drinking from the Dak Prescott fountain. All of that and more… here on the Cowboys Zone”

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