Spring Forward To March Madness and Sport Sagas

On this week’s episode, we will discuss the NCAA Tournament , the World Baseball Classic, the NFL’s new touchdown video and so much more.

Women’s History Month
Kelsey- Ann Meyers Drysdale (retired basketball player)
Ray – Dawn Staley (Basketball Coach)
James – Dominique Dawes (Gymnast)
Did you know this day in sport’s history…..
Big News In Sports
Top Headlines
NCAA Tournament
World Baseball Classic
NFL Touchdown Celebration Changes
Jerry Krause
Georgetown Basketball Fires JT3
“Hipp to the Game” (Opinion Based Debate)
Are the Cavs in trouble in the East?
“Listen in w/ KNN” (Sports-Related Social Commentary)
USA Hockey Turmoil
Arkansas Gun Law in Sports Stadiums
Crowd Noise (Fan Interaction)

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