NFL: Top 10 Wide Receiver Duos

    The wide receiver position. One that is always entertaining and is the source of one of the most active debates in the league today. The start of the 2017 season is several weeks away but it's only right that since the NFL is a passing league (an often used cliche to

Cowboys “Domesticated” the Detroit Lions

If you are still not convinced the Dallas Cowboys are the most superior team in the NFC then you must not know the game of football. Millions witnessed the Detroit Lions become another victim of the Cowboys. As they were defeated 42-21 and were shutout in the second half. Another

Top 5 Wideouts in the NFL

Every NFL season there's always a debate about who's the best wide receiver. There's a slew of options to choose from and not since "Megatron" Calvin Johnson was there a number one consensus on who is the best. 2016 is no different from Antonio Brown to Julio Jones to Odell Beckham

Redskins looking for revenge on Thanksgiving Day

The rivalry between the Dallas Cowboys (9-1) and Washington Redskins (6-3-1), are one of the best in all of sports. On Thanksgiving afternoon, they'll square off in a much-anticipated match-up for both squads. This game could prematurely decide the NFC East crown. The Rundown: With all the rich history and bad blood involved in this

Dez Bryant plays with a heavy heart against the Steelers

The night before the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys rivalry game took place, Dez Bryant had a different battle that he was facing. His father, who he was close with; passed away due to an illness. Despite what he was dealing with internally, he went on the field and played