Contenders or Pretenders: Western Conference playoff picture

The Western Conference is a tight race every year with elite teams in bunches. This year is no different as there’s already multiple 50-win teams with about a month of NBA basketball left. With few mediocre teams in the conference, I will look to group them into Contenders, Middle of

Can James Harden carry the Rockets to an NBA Finals?

The Houston Rockets have been a team of ambiguity. After losing in the 1st round of the playoffs last year out went former coach Kevin McHale and in came Mike D'Antoni. His coaching philosophies are the perfect fit with this roster. James Harden is the leader and has been on

Changes to come for the NBA All Star Format?

NBA's Commissioner Adam Silver and the Silver and players' union are trying to make the All-Star game more competitive, as well as keep fans interested throughout the week. Request and ideas have been laid out on the table, but a foundation has not been built yet. "You hear people talking about 4-point shots, something

NBA Midseason Awards: The Leading Candidates

All-Star break is over and the NBA is coming down the stretch. Around this time is when pundit discuss who are leading the NBA Midseason awards for each category. I will layout who’s leading in MVP, Defensive Player of Year, Coach of the Year, Most Improved Rookie of the Year,

NBA All-Star Weekend: A Failed Attempt at Greatness

2017 All-Star weekend has come and gone for the NBA. So let's summarize the weekend that was.  This past weekend we witnessed one of the most unamusing and arduous NBA All-Star weekends in recent memory. The most exciting event was the Skills Competition and that isn't saying much. For some reason,

Washington Feel at Home Again

The Washington Wizards bounce back at home with a victory over the Indiana Pacers 112-107.  Although the Wizards 17 straight wins at home ended, they were looking to start a streak against the Pacers. John Wall had six points and six assists while Jeff Teague had nine points and three

Kevin Durant Coming Home To Hostile Territory

On Saturday Kevin Durant will return to his former home in Oklahoma City. The Thunder and Warriors have met twice already in the season. Golden State Warriors have gotten the best out of the Thunder twice, therefore you can expect the Thunder will be looking for revenge. Former Friends The Oklahoma City

Nikola Jokic: The Forgotten Big Man Of The Future

Good players on small-market NBA teams don't become household names, great players do. Denver Nuggets Power-Forward Nikola Jokic isn't great yet, but he may very well be on his way. There's a new era of big men being ushered in, skyscrapers in height that possess skill-sets of guards. Names like Kristaps

The Future of DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins is a perplexing figure to say the least. On one hand he's one of the greatest talents in the NBA today. A complete skill set like his makes fans crave for a player of that caliber on their team. On the other hand, nightly frustration and complaining to referees

Different Year, Different Team, Same Bulls…..

Imagine watching your favorite television series. Every season it starts out very interesting, but eventually, somehow ends the same way every time.  This is the horrific drama series the Chicago Bulls fan base have been watching over the last few years. A team, on paper, that should be one of