Black Celebrities Involved with WrestleMania

WrestleMania is the best spectacle in Sports-Entertainment. For wrestling fans, it's bigger than the World Series, NBA Finals, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup and even the World Cup.  Each year during Black History Month, WWE celebrates the black performers who made their mark in the business. However, there has been a

Blake Thomas, A Man with Powerful Lens behind a Powerful Pen Everyone who enters the world of professional wrestling has a unique journey. Some start in high school while others find themselves turning to it after another career choice may not have worked. For most of us, we begin as fans. Fans who grew up watching superstars talk trash and perform

WWE and WCW Classics in the Joe Louis Arena

On the March 13th edition of Monday Night Raw, the WWE says goodbye to the Joe Louis Arena when they travel to Detriot, Michigan. Ironically, the date is the same area code as Detriot, 313. Since WWE has purchased WCW, let us go back in time and look at some of

Brian H. Waters Booking of WrestleMania 33: Part 1

WrestleMania 33 is Around the corner WrestleMania 33 is nearly a month away and the anticipation of biggest event in Sports Entertainment continues to grow.For Raw, there is one more stop on the road to WrestleMania. For Smackdown Live, they have made their final stop and now they are on a

WrestleMania 33 in Orlando has Naomi written all over it!

  Naomi is billed from Orlando. This year’s WrestleMania will be located in Orlando Florida. If you are on Twitter during WWE programing, you will see Naomi’s fans also known as the #NaoMob continue to ask the WWE to push their favorite superstar. What would be better for the Naomob than

2016 Most Disappointing NXT Call Ups

What is NXT NXT, once looked at as developmental brand, has established itself as the legit third brand of the WWE. Like Raw and Smackdown, they have their brand exclusive championships and their own pay-per-view specials.  During WrestleMania and SummersSlam weekend NXT features their own pay-per-view where rivalries climax. NXT Takeover  has

Reasons why these African-American stars were not WWE Champion

Last week three African-American men, The New Day, set the record for the longest reigning WWE tag team champions. In route to their record setting victory, two more African-American superstars earned championship gold. Sasha Banks won the Raw Women's Championship and Rich Swann won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. This led

Interview with Faye Jackson

Recently Brian H. Waters spoke with one of wrestling's hottest African-American female superstars, Faye Jackson. She spoke about her wrestling modeling career. Who is Faye Jackson BW: When did you decide you wanted to become a professional wrestler? FJ: I decided to become a pro wrestler after get laid off a job I