Best WrestleMania Venues

In Pro Wrestling, venues matter. Every memorable moment has some aspect of a venue or theme. It might be the ring ropes, banner, stage, lighting, and even the architecture of the arena. Over time, WrestleMania’s production value has increased significantly. It all started with just coming through a curtain. Now

Black Celebrities Involved with WrestleMania

WrestleMania is the best spectacle in Sports-Entertainment. For wrestling fans, it's bigger than the World Series, NBA Finals, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup and even the World Cup.  Each year during Black History Month, WWE celebrates the black performers who made their mark in the business. However, there has been a

WrestleMania 10 and Its Impact

1994 was an overall down year for the WWE. The company was embroiled in a controversial steroid trial. Ted Turner’s WCW brand started to fill their roster with the best WWE legends and international superstars. And the WWE product started to get a little on the childish side. But luckily

Blake Thomas, A Man with Powerful Lens behind a Powerful Pen Everyone who enters the world of professional wrestling has a unique journey. Some start in high school while others find themselves turning to it after another career choice may not have worked. For most of us, we begin as fans. Fans who grew up watching superstars talk trash and perform

Austin Aries Puts On A Show: 205 Live Review

205 Live was a great show it revolved around crowning a new number one contender for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Drew Gulak vs. Mustafa Ali Drew Gulak looked to stop his losing streak against the high-flying Mustafa Ali. Gulak relied on his strength and aggression to get the upper hand. Compared to

It’s All About AJ Styles: SmackDown Live Review

For back to back weeks, SmackDown has put on a good shows however it should have been much better. Due to the fact because RAW had two great shows back to back shows which were surprising. Here are my thoughts on the latest episode of SmackDown as well as the

Things Got Personal: RAW Review

Last night RAW, it was a decent episode but the ending made it very memorable. Here are my thoughts on the highlights of the show as well as the results. Epic ending Stephanie McMahon made it clear to Mick Foley that he had to choose a wrestler by the end of RAW

WWE and WCW Classics in the Joe Louis Arena

On the March 13th edition of Monday Night Raw, the WWE says goodbye to the Joe Louis Arena when they travel to Detriot, Michigan. Ironically, the date is the same area code as Detriot, 313. Since WWE has purchased WCW, let us go back in time and look at some of

Shinsuke Nakamura Returns: NXT Review

The latest episode of NXT was a coming out party for SAnitY as the made a statement on the overall roster, here are my overall thoughts as well as the results. SAnitY beatdown NXT made its return to the University of Central Florida, The Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger was supposed to have