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  • オーランド入りしたウィザーズの注目ポイント


  • Wizney World Blog: Quarantine day!

    Wednesday was a full day of quarantine, which meant we could not leave our rooms for the full 24 hours.

  • Wizney World Blog: Team arrives in Orlando

    The Wizards have made it to Orlando!

  • Welcome to the Wizney World Blog

    Welcome to the Wizney World Blog. Later on Tuesday, members of the Washington Wizards organization will head to Orlando for what will be quite the journey in the NBA's restart.

  • Storylines to watch as the Wizards arrive in Orlando

    With the Wizards’ touching down in Orlando on Tuesday night and the NBA hiatus nearing its end, the Wizards’ front office staffers, coaches and players addressed the media over the last week and a half, discussing their time off, preparations for the restart, protocol in Orlando and more.

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