Pete Carroll shuts the lid down on locker room problems

Seattle Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll ended any speculation that his team was divided and went on to say that the team was in great shape and ready to start the season at a press conference that was held last  Friday.


Russell Wilson had a few words to add to let the league, fans, and the world know that this is a group that is built on being together.”I wouldn’t say the locker room is divided. We’re consistently going to the playoffs and we’re consistently winning. I don’t think we could do that if we were divided. We believe in each other,” said Wilson.


In the last couple of months, some of the players complained about playcalling and how it should have been more of an aggressive approach. Since their Super Bowl lost in 2014 against New England, some players have been very vocal about how they felt.

Last season Richard Sherman was seen arguing with the defensive coordinator, other players, and had to be restrained by other personal, because of a call that he did not like. Coach Carroll address the issue about Sherman and his frustrations and that was that.


“I I show favoritism to every one of these guys,” Carroll said. “I am trying to help them out best I can. Each person is different … Individually I keep those guys as well as I can to what the need and how it fits them.

As of late, it was speculated that the Seahawks did not like the idea of bringing Colin Kaepernick as a backup QB, but other players like the idea of having someone explosive that could come in and take over when Wilson needs rest or gets injured.

However, a deal has not been reached and it seems like the Seahawks will move forward without Kaepernick.

“We know where he is,” Carroll said. “He is a starter in this league. We have a starter, you know but he’s a starter in this league and I can’t imagine that somebody won’t give him the chance to play.”


With a 10-5 record last season, the Seahawks looked to get their key players back from injury, as well as improving their offensive line. This could be another playoff run if players could be consistent on both sides of the ball. It will be interesting to see if this topic of togetherness will be the talk this season or if they come out and prove to the world that they are one unit.



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