2017 Most Profitable Games To Win Big Prizes

In the sports industry there are so many sports disciplines and games that it becomes hard to choose just one to focus on that’s why a large number of sports followers do have more than one favorite team.

As a result, they tend to place their sports bets on more than one team/match with Online casino Thailand sites like This is a very smart thing because a diversified betting plan gives more chances to win. In particular, there are very skilled and experienced sports bettors who create their own personal strategy plan including several different sports, like football, basketball, rugby and volleyball.

Lottery Ever Thought To Try Powerball?

Large winnings are obviously very rare to occur not only in the sports industry, but also in other games. Lottery is, for example, one of the most appreciated and beloved games of fortune to try. No hard rules along with affordable ticket cost make the popularity of games like Powerball.

In the US Powerball is without a doubt the most played game. Some still prefer to go online to Double Mints and look at their options, but according to experts, it seems that Powerball allows its players to enjoy the same winning odds as many national sports. This could explain why a large number of sports bettors do also like to play Powerball.

2017 The Year Of Powerball

During the first months of 2017 Powerball has been collecting an impressive number of new players a sign which speaks itself about the role of this lottery in the American culture.

From online resources it’s possible for experts to see how many players play powerball lottery online on specialized lottery sites like How To Win The Lotto. So, it’s expected to see the pool of Powerball players grow larger and larger in the next months.

How To Play & Easy Rulespowerball

Basically, Powerball dues its large success to a few important features:

  • The ticket cost is affordable, only $2 per play
  • The odds of winning might not be too many, on the other hand the jackpots are the highest in the world of lotteries
  • Rules are easy to learn

To learn more about the easy rules of Powerball you may want to visit the dedicated page of How To Win The Lotto. Anyways, here are the basic game rules:

  • Choose 5 numbers from 1 to 69 (white color numbers)
  • Choose 1 Powerball number from 1 to 26 (red color numbers)
  • Check the lotto drawn numbers on Wednesdays and Saturdays (the draw takes place at 11 pm ET)

Updates About Powerball

Another good feature of How To Win The Lotto is that you can easily view all the updates and news about Powerball. In fact, this lottery site is constantly updated by a team of expert professionals.

For example, you may find useful to know that on 4th October 2015 the format of Powerball changed. Previously, the white number pool included 1 to 59 numbers (now it’s of 1 to 69) and the Powerball number pool was larger, including numbers from 1 to 35 (now it has only 1 to 26).