Win It & Co. Inc CEO/Founder John Toufankjian on empowering communities with acclaimed KICKIT2WINIT, talks HOOPIT2WINIT and SWINGIT2WINIT

Multi-Award winning FOX Sports Radio 96.9FM/1340AM show “Listen In With KNN”, hosted by Kelsey N. Nelson, warmly welcomed Win It & Co. Inc. CEO/Founder, John Toufankjian, on to the show as a special guest to insightfully discuss the acclaimed Win It & Co. Inc’s prominent and ever-growing philanthropic impact in communities throughout North America and the rest of the world courtesy of its positive and successful sports tournaments: KICKIT2WINIT, HOOPIT2WINIT, and SWINGIT2WINIT.

The well-spoken and savvy Canadian, who hails from Toronto, Ontario, enthusiastically revealed to Nelson with innate detail regarding the formative origins and unique heritage of Win It Co, while touching on richly empowering and profoundly inspiring the youth throughout Canada, as well as the pivotal essence of Win It & Co. Inc’s philosophy and wholesome ethos of developing positive role models.
Toufankjian’s exceptionally heralded work under the Win It & Co. Inc’s entity has excellently underscored ending the draconian circumstances of sex trafficking, both domestically and internationally, via well-received football initiative KICKIT2WINIT, coupled alongside standing up as a glowing leader in Anti-bullying amongst children via community basketball tournament HOOPIT2WINIT.
Moreover, Toufankjian’s Win It & Co. Inc. Fully continues to sincerely and compassionately highlight and educate communities on the grave importance of Mental Health Awareness and the current destigmatization surrounding the slowly fading societal stigma of Mental Health illnesses.
The down-to-earth and hard-working Torontonian, who is a staunch advocate of community inclusivity and equality through the power of sport, additionally shared with the ever-attentive “Listen In With KNN” listening audience about Win It & Co. Inc’s much-anticipated forthcoming tournament news and his powerful charitable leadership throughout communities.
Glen Thomas