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AFC Comes Out on Top of Touchy-Feely 2022 Pro Bowl 41-35

When it comes to the Pro Bowl, no one expects hard, helmet-rattling hits. However, fans sounded off on what turned out to be a game of touch-football. Nevertheless, the all-stars of this season descended upon Las Vegas for a week of activities, culminating in a 41-35 win for the AFC. Although it’s very logical that the game won’t be extremely physical, fans at least hoped for a competitive game and many took to Twitter to air out their disappointment. Current and former NFL players joined in, with tight end legend-turned-analyst Shannon Sharpe calling the game “embarrassing.”

When all was said and done, Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Max Crosby and Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert were named defensive and offensive MVPs of the game, respectively. As a result, the two each earned $20,000 donations their charity of choice; taken from a list supported by the NFL Foundation. There were different levels of donations for a number of in-game accomplishments.

So while the game may have lacked “intensity”, players got to support good causes, fellowship with their fellow players, and come away from Sin City injury-free.

Sheena Quick
Sports mom/accountant/life-long athlete and lover of all sports.