Baron Corbin Golden Opportunity Gone: Failed Cash In Attempt

On SmackDown Live was a memorable not for all the wrong reasons. It was historic because it was the first time since John Cena took on Jinder Mahal for the first time. However, the main event turn took an interesting turn and here are my overall thoughts.

All for nothing

Baron Corbin had the luxury to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase any time any place anytime within a year. He decided to shock the world and he cashed in his briefcase during the SmackDown main event. Corbin came out to the ring and he teased the fact that he is going to the back but he had second thoughts. Then he took out Cena with his briefcase and Corbin focused his sights on Mahal, therefore, he cashed in his briefcase.

Corbin waited for Mahal to get to his feet but Cena got back in the picture as he was in on the apron. The lone wolf Corbin gave a punch to Cena as he got knocked off the apron. As a result, Mahal capitalized as Corbin was distracted and Mahal was able to defeat Corbin via a roll up pin in order to retain his WWE Championship. This result made Baron Corbin looked extremely weak and irrelevant in my opinion.


Baron Corbin had unlimited potential and the Money In Bank briefcase is exactly what he needed. The company at the time did a great job, at building him as a bully with the briefcase with the ability to cash in his briefcase at any time. However, now all his momentum is gone instantly and it will be very intriguing how the WWE restart his build up moving forward.


Look I don’t mind the fact that Corbin decided to shock the world and cash in his briefcase on SmackDown Live. It makes no sense to build him so strongly for so long and have him lose in such a quick fashion via a roll up. Now, Corbin joined Damien Sandow in exclusive company to lose after he decided to cash in his briefcase.


It will be very interesting to see what the WWE will do with Baron Corbin moving forward. Corbin will struggle to rebuild his momentum he once had its a shame. He hasn’t got the credit he deserves he is good in the ring but he needs significantly important on the mic.


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