Best WrestleMania Venues

In Pro Wrestling, venues matter. Every memorable moment has some aspect of a venue or theme. It might be the ring ropes, banner, stage, lighting, and even the architecture of the arena. Over time, WrestleMania’s production value has increased significantly. It all started with just coming through a curtain. Now we have giant stages with clear screens and exciting pyrotechnics. This list was based on production value, theme, and how elaborate the stadium looked during the event. Here are the best WrestleMania venues:

Madison Square Garden (WM 1, 10, 20)

If you want to see the evolution of WWE production. Just observe Madison Square Garden during WrestleMania 1, 10, and 20. WM started with dimmed lights and just some banners. Fast forward to WM 10, we have colored lights and pyrotechnics. Then at WM 20, we have a whole entrance ramp filled with screens. MSG is the most famous WWE venue, it sure has its place in WM history.

Toronto Skydome (WM 6 and 18)


WM six was memorable for many reasons, production wise. It was the first WM that was held out of the United States. Having an international feel made this event feel different. It was the first time that pyrotechnics was introduced at a WM event. Over 67,000 people packed out the SkyDome. It was the 2nd largest WM crowd until 2008. WM 18 was more modern. The show is remembered for the stage made out of steel beams and its long entrance ramp. Attendance-wise, it was a little smaller than WM six due to the size of the entrance stage and production equipment. Overall, this venue is a very memorable one. It’s large and actually could host another WM in the near future.

Houston Astrodome (WM 17) 


This was the WWE’s biggest feat since WrestleMania eight. It had been nine years since any WM was held in a stadium. The production view did an amazing job. The stage was memorable and the lighting reached every portion of the arena. Since the astrodome is a “cookie cutter” stadium, it’s a little wider than most stadiums. Which meant that more people sat on the floor and the arena had a wider feel to it on camera. Besides the production, this stadium is most memorable because many fans still feel that it held the best WM of all time. 

Ford Field (WM 23)

Ford Field is an excellent venue for wrestling. The size and architecture of the stadium can perfectly hold a WM like event. WM 23 was themed well and the stage was large. Besides Minnesota’s US Bank Stadium, Ford Field is still the best WrestleMania option in the midwest.

Reliant Stadium (WM 25)

Talking about large stages, WM 25 had a very large set. Probably one of the largest stages that the WWE has ever produced for a WM event. Over 70,00 fans attended this event. Houston’s giant stadium is still a contender to host a WM in the near future.

Sun Life Stadium (WM 28)

What makes Miami such an attractive place for outdoor events is the weather. Although the stadium didn’t fully get upgraded until 2016, this 2012 event looked spectacular on TV. From the large beams looking like palm trees, the lighting, and event the pythons around the stadium, this WM was really filled with amazing shots that will be remembered.

Mercedes-Benz Superdome (WM 30)

A personal favorite. This was probably the best looking WM in terms of production value. The stage was amazing. The large roman numeral screens on the stage are something we’ve never seen before. The whole stadium was lighted correctly with no dry spots. Every camera angle was placed correctly. And the hospitality of New Orleans is always magazines. The reason why WM 34 will be held in the Big Easy.

AT&T Stadium (WM 32)

100,000 fans in one stadium is a feat. I can see AT&T Stadium in the WM rotation for years to come. Since the roof was closed, it felt like a giant arena. The lighting and production value was simply amazing. And since Vince McMahon is a smart businessman, the potential of making over $30 Million like WM 32 is highly attractive.


Stephen Thompson