Big Cass Cutting Dead weight: Turning Heel

Enzo and Big Cass exploded on the scene back in 2012 on NXT. It finally came to an end at RAW when Corey Graves revealed that Big Cass set this whole angle up and then he attacked Enzo Amore. Here are my overall thoughts on Big Cass turning Enzo Amore.

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Their gimmick was two certified G’s from New Jersey and it didn’t take too long for fans to fall love with this tag team match. Fans would scream out all the lines during their entrance. Amore and Cassady proceeded to form an alliance with the Carmella had her televised in-ring debut back in 2014 on NXT.

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In March 2015, they began to feud with Blake and Murphy the NXT Tag Team Championships at the time. Enzo and Big Cass earned their title shot against the Lucha Dragons.Enzo and Cass went to battle Blake and Murphy for the NXT Tag Team Championship at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable. The NXT Tag Team Champions almost lost their titles but Alexa Bliss interfered and helped Blake and Murphy retain their NXT titles.

At NXT TakeOver: London, Amore and Cassady got another opportunity as they challenged Dash and Dawson for the NXT Tag Team Championship in a losing effort. At Roadblock 2016, Amore and Cass were granted another title opportunity. This time it was against The Revival Dash and Dawson, but once again Amore and Cass were unsuccessful.

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No gold

It is mind blowing that Enzo and Amore have never won any tag team Championships, during their time together on NXT and RAW. This was really surprising because they were extremely popular with the fans for years.


It was time for a change badly they were slowly becoming stale and not evolving as a tag team. Big Cass is a star in the making only time will tell what will happen. It will be intriguing how Enzo Amore will be as a singles wrestler.

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