Cam Newton apologizes for remark at reporter

Cam Newton is no stranger to controversy. The Carolina Panthers franchise quarterback has been followed by critics since his collegiate days at Auburn University and previously, Florida.

Newton has drawn attention to himself with his wide array of outrageous outfits and hats, the latest focus on Newton for his attitude and comments to a local reporter on Wednesday are even difficult for his supporters to defend.

On Wednesday afternoon, Cam Newton made a sexist remark at his press conference, when he said, “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes.”

Jourdan Rodrigue, the reporter who asked the question and received Newton’s remark, was asking about wideout Devin Funchess:

Neither Rodrigue nor any of her colleagues in the local media followed up on that comment from Newton, but Rodrigue later took to Twitter to address the matter.

Apparently, it got worse:

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera addressed the issue with the Charlotte media on Thursday, but he didn’t have much to say.

“Cam made a mistake. From my understanding there was a conversation,” Rivera said. “And I would like to talk about the Detroit Lions who we play Sunday.”

Newton’s comments were disrespectful to not only Rodrigue but to all females working so hard in their fields to get over the sexist syndrome. Unfortunately, an issue women deal with daily. There’s no reason to assume that a football reporter doesn’t understand routes, or that knowing about routes is dependent upon that reporter being a man or a woman. This is just another example of the sexism in sports that women face daily.

However, to humbly come face the world again and apologize is what being human is all about. Although misunderstood at times, Newton is a true leader of men and wants to be a great role model. Like Newton, we’ve all had our foot caught in our mouths before.

He apologized for the comments on Thursday night.

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