Dak Prescott, the face of America’s Team

Memphis, Tennessee — His smile is as big as Texas and his personality can captivate anyone in his presence. He can “woo” the crowd with his accuracy and his leadership is beyond his years. Dak Prescott is no longer a rookie. He’s the new face of America’s team. News broke early yesterdat morning, that long time quarterback, Tony Romo, is retiring to take a job in broadcasting. However, Romo’s decision was a surprise to many; despite the inevitable, he would no longer be the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. At the same time, this gave Prescott the right of passage and his era will now officially begin. Romo’s chapter can close with grace and Jerry Jones and the Cowboys can move on.


High Expectations for Dak; Nothing Less.

The 23-year-old quarterback had an impressive rookie season last year. 311 completions out of 459 attempts which is roughly 67 percent. In addition, he had 23 touchdowns and only four interceptions. He led the Cowboys to a 13-3 record for the regular season, but was unsuccessful in the post-season. Cowboys have only won 13 games in a single-season three times in its franchise history. Now that Romo has retired, Prescott will no longer hear the outside noise that was stirred by the Cowboys’ owner; in regards of his starting role. This is Dak’s team. Despite the fact no-one saw this coming when he step onto the field on September 11th against the Giants last year.

Expectations are very high for second-year quarterback. Prescott is now the face of America’s team and that fan-base wants nothing less than a championship; sooner than later. To be frank, there’s no room for Prescott to regress, or have that “learning” moment because he is at the helm. He can’t afford to have an unsuccessful season because the “buyers remorse” conversations will ensue. Some of his biggest critics cite that Prescott is “only as good as his offensive line.” Others say, he’s numbers are “inflated” because of how great his offensive line is. Regardless, of how people may feel about him. He knows that the burden of being in the middle of a quarterback controversy is behind and he should now focus on giving this team something they haven’t had since 1996; a championship.


Building Towards Success

Jerry Jones should now focus on the moving parts of the Cowboys giving Prescott everything he needs to be successful. In a humorous, yet accurate post by Clarence Hill, Cowboys’ Beat Writer of the Fort Worth Telegram, he stated that since 1997 he’s seen the retirement of many Cowboys’ greats. However, he’s also stated Dallas has only won two post-season games. That shows that in the last 20 years the Dallas Cowboys have been nothing more than average.

This team needs to continue to improve on it’s offense by adding a wide-receiver for Prescott to have another weapon. In addition, Dallas needs to tighten things up on the defensive side of the ball. Like any team, there will be times when the quarterback will not have a great game. In those times, a defensive sound team can potentially win the game in those occasions. Most importantly, the Cowboys need to ensure that their offensive line is just as effective as it was last season. Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot cannot be as productive if the offensive line is sub-par. With these additions, the Cowboys should have what they need to be successful. The Dak Prescott Era has begun, now it is time to see how this young fourth-round pick hailing from Mississippi State will bring to North Texas.

Joshua Vinson

Joshua Vinson

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