Fantasy Football: Week Seven Starts and Sits


Marcus Mariota (QB, Tennessee Titans) vs Indianapolis Colts

 – Once again, probably the easiest start of the week. Indianapolis’ defense is not looking good and the Titans are on a roll! And after the week 5 and 6 Mariota had, Keep playing him!

Kirk Cousins (QB, Washington Redskins) vs. Detroit Lions

 – Washington is on a 4 game winning streak and Kirk is spreading the ball around. He should have another solid performance against an average-at- best Lions defense.

Delanie Walker (TE, Tennessee Titans) vs. Indianapolis Colts

 – Delanie Walker is probably Mariota’s most dependable target in Tennessee. He is a top level

Tight End and almost always has a mismatch when he is lined up. Start him.

Matt Jones (RB, Washington Redskins) vs. Detroit Lions

– This match-up favors extremely well for the Skins and Jones is actually looking dependable.

Deploy him with confidence (for now).

 Jacquizz Rodgers (RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers) vs. San Francisco 49ers

– This match-up favors Rodgers in the sense that there really isn’t a second option at RB in Tampa other than him. Not to mention, the 49ers are terrible. By default, he is a top 20 RB play this week to me.


Carson Palmer (QB, Arizona Cardinals) vs. Seattle Seahawks

 – As good as the Cardinals looked in Week 6, David Johnson was a big reason for that. Tough day

in the office coming up for Palmer. Not to mention, it’s a division matchup. I would stay away

from Carson this week if you can.

Any Philadelphia Eagles QB, WR, TE or RB vs. Minnesota Vikings

– The hype of the Vikings defense is REAL! I don’t see them slowing down after their bye week.

Unless you have zero alternatives, I would stay away from starting any eagles players other than

their defense.

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