Is there any loyalty in the house?

Redskins 75-million dollar cornerback Josh Norman feels like he isn’t getting enough loyalty from D.C. fans. Norman publicly stated after the Redskins 16-3 win over the Tampa Bay Bucs, that he’d rather ”play all their games on the road”.

So what made Norman say this? ”It seems like our true fans are with us on the road and we feed off of that” Norman said. Attendance at FedEx field has been around 73% so far this year compared to an overall 88% last season. Norman also went on to say “Even the Giants, when they were 1-6, hell they had a sellout crowd. They were all in there packed still!”

Longtime Redskins fan Andre Sutton says “ Norman sounds like Aaron Rodgers telling the fans to relax, but the only difference is, Rodgers has a Superbowl. These guys haven’t reached that level of success yet where they can demand the fans to cheer, attend games or not boo the team when things go wrong ”. Another longtime Redskins fan Ian Kay says ”the team itself over the past two decades has been terrible so the experience hasn’t been what it needs to be to have a good atmosphere”. Kay also says that the traveling to and from the stadium is an ”all day process”.

It isn’t just Josh Norman who feels this way. Redskins safety D.J. Swearinger agrees with Norman and added ”I don’t know if we have that full support of loyalty [from] the fans. We may have a lot of Redskins fans, but the loyalty, I don’t feel the loyalty.”
Have the fans of Washington grown tired of the organization’s ways? Where seasons may start off well, but in the end, the results remain the same? The city of D.C. hasn’t sniffed a Superbowl since 1992 and it seems like the fans are putting the team on notice. 


Ashley Baker