It was a bittersweet week for UFC’s CM Punk

Four years removed from his last wrestling match, CM Punk has always stayed in a conversation; depending on who you are. In WWE arenas, CM Punk chants have dominated many arenas since his departure in 2014. And for UFC fans, they want him to stop fighting.

His name is in a bad light or good light depending on who. Vince McMahon wants him never mentioned again and Dana White is somewhat disappointed with his 0-2 UFC record. Despite the situation, he’s still loved and has a large following.

But life is not easy. Last week, he felt the highest of highs and felt the lowest of lows. Let’s just say that Mr. Punk had a bittersweet week.

Ups: CM Punk and Colt Cabana Wins Court Case

In 2014 on ‘The Art of Wrestling’ podcast, CM Punk absolutely blasted WWE doctor Chris Amann. He claimed that he had to wrestle concussed on a few occasions and also was mistreated when he was dealing with an MRSA staph infection. Also, Punk claimed that Amann was a reason for his decline in health before leaving the company. Let’s just say that this had the world buzzing. That podcast really showed the light on many of Punk’s issues with the WWE.

That podcast made Amann a little upset. So upset, that he sued Colt Cabana and CM Punk. Many reports claim that Amann wanted to sue $1 for every stream of that podcast. That number equates to a few million dollars. In court, the case was rather quick and without any major turning points. Amann’s argument was somewhat ineffective. The jury realized that he is still employed by the WWE which means that his professional identity is still intact. Punk’s simple argument lead to his win in this case.

Of course, WWE’s medical staff has improved since then but the WWE will not forget about this moment. It’s huge for Punk. He was fired on his wedding day and barely mentioned on TV ever since. Winning this case will ruffle some feathers at the WWE headquarters. There’s only a short list of Wrestlers who has had success in suing WWE personnel over time.

One more win for Mr.Punk

Lows: CM Punk gets Destroyed in 2nd UFC Fight

The CM Punk fight was not good. Not at all. It wasn’t accepted well by the fans either. His three-round performance was lackluster and a little uncomfortable to watch. In his hometown, he was defeated by Mike Jackson. To be honest, Jackson should’ve ended this fight early but he did not.

The fight was a snooze fest and turned off most fans. Punk took hit after hit and barely had any offense. After three rounds, he was bloodied and given another defeat. His 0-2 UFC record at 39 years old might be the sign of the end of his UFC Career.

So yes, the reaction wasn’t good at all, but some people did appreciate how Punk stayed in the fight and kept pushing. It was acknowledged more than Jackson’s arrogant and unprofessional behavior during and after the fight.

Overall, CM Punk has one thing left to do: Return to Wrestling.

Also, a quick note, did I mention that Brock Lesnar just broke CM Punk’s title reign record. with only 10 defenses in 434 days? Yeah, Vince McMahon strikes again.

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