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Jason Teitler on the Growth of the Special Olympics Movement

On the 177th episode of Listen In With KNN on Fox Sports 1340AM, host Kelsey Nicole Nelson welcomed Jason Teitler, Senior Vice President of Global Communications and Brand Lead for Special Olympics to the show.

Speaking of his career, he joined Special Olympics in August of 2019 after spending over two decades working in communications for Giles Communications, ANT Internet Corporation, Porter Novelli, Steiner Sports, Piehead Productions and BCW Global. Teitler previously worked with Special Olympics as the Account Lead and it was an easy decision for him to become the Senior Vice President of Global Communications and Brand Lead.

“Essentially, I had an opportunity to take what I do from a public relations and communications standpoint and really channel it for a ton of good. Those on the communications side typically do promote a variety of things from consumer products to health care products, technology products and services. I had an opportunity to truly use my powers of communications for good. When the opportunity came up, it was just a no brainer,” Teitler said.

As the Senior Vice President of Global Communications and Brand Lead, his responsibility is to drive engagement and awareness about Special Olympics around the world. The organization’s mission is to use sports, education and health to empower athletes and people with intellectual disabilities.

“It’s certainly a privilege to help carry the word of inclusion to all corners of the world. I’m very proud to be able to be in a role where I can make a true difference. It’s really good when we’re able to demonstrate and punctuate what it is that our athletes and those with intellectual disabilities across the globe are capable of by showing their successes with the right nurturing and support across the board. They can accomplish phenomenal things and reach their full potential,” he said.

Teitler’s proudest moment working with Special Olympics is seeing people understand why they shouldn’t call them ‘The Special Olympics’ because they do the work 365 days of the year across the globe. 

“It represents people’s perception that we are only one point in time much like the Olympic Games and it happens every two years. That is definitely a big milestone for us and we do have our World Games coming up in Russia in 2022 and in Berlin in 2023. We’re doing some exceptional work for those individuals that really do need the support, meaning the community of people with intellectual disabilities every minute of every day,” said Teitler.

On July 10th, Special Olympics will celebrate the 100th birthday of the late pioneer and  trailblazer Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who founded the organization in 1968. Teitler believes that she would be proud of every individual that is a part of the movement including the athletes.

“She did it because she knew the world needed it and knew those with intellectual disabilities needed that support. We really want to introduce Eunice to those who don’t know her because of what she has done for this planet. It’s just a phenomenal testament to what somebody can do for inclusion if they put their minds to it and roll up their sleeves. She was all about rolling up her sleeves and that’s something I really admire about her legacy.”

Episode 177 – Choose to Include with Jason Teitler of Special Olympics