Jinder Mahal is the NEW WWE Champion

Don’t hinder the Jinder. Fans did not expect for Mahal to win over Randy Orton on Sunday night but it happened. Normal fans didn’t like the title change. True fans loved the change. Mahal is here and he surely made a statement last night.

Randy Orton was rather dominant early on in this match. He dominated Maha, even before the match started. Mahal later got some help from the Singh brothers which led to the full nelson slam and a 1 2 3.

Orton was the face in this match but he’s faced some heat as of late. He once again disrespected the Independent Wrestling last week and he’s faced some true heat fro the fans. As the WWE is dominated by “Indie Darlings”, his comments were a little contradictory and even offensive to some of his coworkers. And since he lost this match in Chicago, which is a very strong wrestling town, the heat was real. His title reign was unexpected and had no true impact. Orton is at a low point right now.


America is full of haters. You people take one look at me, and hate me. You hate me for who you think I am. You hate me because of the way that I look. You hate me because of the way that I talk. I’m going to take all of that hatred and turn it into goodness. Turning it into something positive, something spiritual, something almost holy. I am truly a peaceful man, but once I am provoked I become an animal. But tonight I will turn you, a universe of doubters, a universe of discriminators, into believers – Jinder Mahal

Jinder is Candian, Punjabi, and Indian. A lot of his heel heat comes because of racism and his culture. His Indian roots aren’t something fans are used to. Fans are automatically booing this man because he looks completely different from the majority of the WWE & NXT roter. And Mahal is smart, he’s using his culture and truly building his character. He’s fitting the part well. The mean expressions on his face and his way to play with the crowd just clicks.

And since he’s been a jobber most of his career, he’s presence at the top is awkward for most fans. But like most major Wrestling events in history, the reaction and fanfare takes time. When the UnderTaker and Rock debuted, it wasn’t automatically loved. It took time. When Cena came into the fray in 2005 at the top, it was just the start.

Mahal won’t hold the belt for a long time but he’s most definitely gonna make the best out of the opportunity. I’m excited for Jinder. Congrats!




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