Monday Night Raw storylines to watch out for during the road to WrestleMania

The road to WrestleMania is here! With two major shows and two other shows on the WWE network; the WWE has a lot to decide before WrestleMania 34.

But as most fans know, the creative department starts to fire up during this time of year. For Monday Night Raw, this means that a lot of major storylines will be developed and executed to perfection (hopefully). Here are some storylines to watch out for on the flagship show, Monday Night Raw.

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss successfully defended her Raw Women’s championship in the first-ever women’s elimination chamber. Her win was major as it shows that her spotlight is not going out soon. As WrestleMania draws near, she is most definitely someone to watch out for. Watchability is something that she does not lack at all.

Her promo after the Elimination Chamber match was a gem. It adds fire to her current streak and it could connect to the next factor listed below.

Asuka’s WrestleMania match

Asuka’s WrestleMania match is still up in the air; literally and figuratively. She can either face Charlotte or Alexa Bliss. If she faces Bliss, she faces someone who’s on a definite hot streak. Bliss being the perfect heel will fit well. But if Asuka goes to SmackDown, it will actually be better. Rhonda Rousey being added to the RAW roster makes things crowded at the top. Facing Charlotte at WrestleMania achieves a couple things. Mainly, it turns Charlotte heel again. Like her Father Ric, Charlotte is ALWAYS better as a heel. Also, it adds more attraction to the SmackDown women’s division that’s already loaded with talent.

And finally, it adds Nia Jax to the title equation, which is needed heavily. Having two women in Nia Jax and Auska looking like unbeatable monsters post-WrestleMania could be a route the creative team can take. Plus, Nia Jax and Bliss is a storyline that has been developing as Bliss has been reaping the spoils of not having Nia Jax on her radar. That could all change.

Intercontinental Title picture

The Miz is the current IC title holder and in all honesty, the Universal title will be on his shoulder very soon. Due to that, the creative team must give The Miz a very dynamic match on the WrestleMania card. Enter Seth Rollins and Finn Balor.

“Monday Night Rollins” has emerged from the ashes as Rollins has defeated Reigns and Cena leading up to the Chamber match. During the Chamber, Rollins had another good showing as well. For Finn Balor, he needs a title reign very badly. The announce team always mentions his Univeral Title reign but it’s old news.

This potential WrestleMania match (Miz vs Rollins vs Balor) will achieve a lot. For Seth Rollins, it can add momentum to his side and put the Shield in an even bigger position. Roman Reigns slated to win the title and Seth winning the Intercontinental Title adds fuel to the relaunch of the Shield. Or in another scenario, Dean Ambrose can come back and attach Rollins in a double cross as he is slated to return. Finn Balor’s WrestleMania debut will be amazing and this match will be the perfect platform that can plant the seeds to another title run as well as the Club if Gallows and Anderson win the RAW Tag Titles.

Sasha Banks and Bayley

It’s time. Sasha Banks and Bayley’s feud will be returning and we all can’t wait for it. Sasha eliminated Bayley in the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber. Sasha has been in many great opportunities over the past few months and its time for Bailey to respond. She’s starting to, Bayley missed Sasha’s tag during their 6 woman tag match.

Like Charlotte on SmackDown, Sasha is in need of a heel turn. She’s a fan favorite but she plays the role of the heel so well. Coming into WreslteMania, this feud will heat up. Turning Sasha heel and adding some fire to Bayley’s somewhat dull character.

Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs. Stephanie McMahon & Triple H

Rhonda Rousey slammed Triple H through a table and got slapped by Stephanie McMahon. Some reports claim that the slap was legitimate.

Legitimate or not, this storyline s legitimate and will occur. Rousey will use this match as exposure while Triple H and Steph will add their characters to the mix. The only issue here is Kurt Angle. He did get attacked by Triple H and has been muted within his powers on Raw as of late. But in terms of wrestling ability, this match might not be for Kurt. The Rock and Rousey had an amazing moment at WrestleMania 31 which can lead to The Rock clashing with Triple H one more good time and having Rousey make her splash within the WWE by making Stephaine tap out.

Braun Strowman

Braun Stroman will most likely face Elias. But will the creative team throw a swerve and have Stroman interfere in this next match?

Backlash of Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is an attraction, that’s all. Roman Reigns is naturally great and he’s just forced. This combination will not end well in terms of fan support. The WWE can do a lot with this issue. Mainly, not putting this match in the Main Event. Cena’s potential match with the Undertaker, The Intercontinental Title match, or AJ vs Nakamura can all match that follows this match. The WWE should avoid having their main event booed like last year’s (Reigns vs Taker), and the year before that (Triple H vs Reigns).

The issue with those Main Events is that the result was obvious. This time around, the WWE should throw a major curve ball. A Dean Ambrose runs in during or after the Match will be major. It gives Roman a legitimate contender for his title after the event. Since Brock is on his way out, Paul Heyman turning on Brock will be a great thing to see from the fan’s perspective. But the best case scenario is to add Braun Stroman to the match. He’s been the most unstoppable RAW star in a while. Braun has had the upper hand on Brock and Reigns and that can be finalised with Braun holding the Universal title.

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