NBA Power Rankings Ahead Of Christmas Day Showcase

Byron K. Dixon Jr. (@BKD_TV)

As stated in the title, the NBA season officially revs up and gets off to in many people’s eyes the official beginning of the season. The NBA on Christmas day had become tradition much to the level of egg nog and even standing under the missile toe. The Contenders are starting to be identified, while the pretenders are regressing as usual.

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  1. Golden State Warriors: Golden State has been on a tear lately. The addition of one of the three best players in the NBA Kevin Durant is beginning to fit like a glove. Chemistry is the key for this Warriors team as they seem to be getting hot quickly.
  2. Cleveland Cavaliers: The Cavaliers have three All-Star players, this is not news but when all three are playing as well as they are look out! The Cavaliers are still the benchmark of the East.
  3. Houston Rockets: The Rockets have the best SG in the league and have only seven losses thus far. The Mike D’Antonio system is perfect for this roster of athletic players.
  4. San Antoni Spurs: San Antonio per usual are quietly playing as well as anybody. With only five losses and being winners of 16 out of the last 18, they are playing well.
  5. Toronto Raptors: Toronto has established themselves as serious players in the Eastern Conference. with a big west coast road trip forthcoming, we will see the mental makeup of this team.
  6. Utah Jazz: The Jazz have won 10 out of 12 and quietly have the best defense in the NBA. With some key pieces getting healthy this team is poised to rise to the upper echelon of the Western Conference.
  7. Bucks: The Bucks have risen to 11th in offense and defensively ranked eighth. Jason Kidd seems to have his imprint all over this team.
  8. OKC Thunder: The Thunder are lucky to have a walking triple double in Russell Westbrook. 2-3 during their last five the Thunder are not consistent all the way around.
  9. Boston Celtics: Finally playing at full strength, Boston will hang tough and can make a run in the East.
  10. LA Clippers: Blake Griffin is down again! The Clippers can never seem to get it right, although Griffin got hurt last year the Clippers actually made a run and if he can get back they have a soft schedule.
  11. Grizzlies: The Grizzlies are grinding wins out as usual. Mike Conley came back early and things may be looking up for the Grizz as they continue to grind out wins.
  12. Washington Wizards: I know this may be a bit of a reach but don’t look know Bradley Beal is on fire as of late and john Wall is one of the more consistent PG’s in the NBA. Winners of 6 out of 8 they have many games against Eastern teams ahead of them.

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