Ranking the top 15 NBA players of all-time

It’s one of the best debates in sports. Who is the best NBA player of all time?  There are several people that say LeBron James is better than Jordan. You have some people that say Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron.

Here are my top 15 NBA players of all time.



15. Moses Malone

Virginia boy. You can say this is a homer pick. That Malone isn’t a top 15 player of all time but what he did in the game and to the game, you can’t deny his skill or talent.



14. Jerry West 

Jerry West averaged 27 points in his career and 6.7 assist. 14 time NBA All-star, and 1970 scoring champion. The logo.



13. Julius Eriving

Around the rim, Erving was magical. The Doc, Dr. J, whatever you want to call him, he is a high-flying icon.



12. Oscar Robertson

Mr. Triple-Double



11. Shaquille O’Neal 

Shaq is known for the most dominant force to ever step on a court. It’s actually scary to know how much better he could’ve been if he could hit free throws. Shaq could easily be in my top 10 but my heart went with the black mamba.



10. Kobe Bryant

The heart of Kobe is what lands him in my top 10. I know I will hear it from the Kobe lovers for having him at 10 on the all-time player’s list but this is exactly where he belongs. 5 time champion and a huge heart.  Let’s move on.



9. Hakeem Olajuwon

Dominated on both ends of the floor.  One of the better overall players to ever play the game.



8. Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan won 1,078 games with the Spurs which is the most ever by a single player on one team, along with 15 All-NBA selections. 5 time champion and a class act.



7. Larry Bird

One of the best trash talkers on the court that backed up every single word that poured out of his mouth. Bird won 3 titles and 3 MVPs with the Celtics. If not for hurting his back, no doubt he’d be higher on this list.



6. Wilt Chamberlain 

There is always talk about the level of competition when it come to Wilt. I don’t buy all that. I still believe he would be a dominant scorer and player in any era. He was the rebound king leading the NBA in the category 11 times with an average of 18.3 rebounds a game.



5. Bill Russell 

Bill is the definition of a champion. 11 time champion in his 13 year career as an NBA player. He has to make the list when talking about the all time greats.



4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

The all-time leading scorer in NBA history. Unstoppable.



3. Magic Johnson 

Magic was a matchup nightmare that could play all 5 positions on the floor. One of the best passers of all time. Magic won 5 championships and 3 MVPs before he had to retire. His rivalry with Larry Bird was electrifying.



2. LeBron James

LeBron has lived up to every expectation that was expected. A guy that will pass Jordan in all statistical categories. Coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals against the best regular season team in NBA history to deliver Cleveland its first championship in over 50+ years. Nobody in the history of the NBA had their best career in their 14 season. LeBron is doing that right now.



1. Michael Jordan

Who else did you expect? 6 championships, 6 NBA Finals MVPs, 5 league MVPs, Defensive Player of the Year and 10 All-NBA selections. Jordan is the G.O.A.T.

Michael Bish

Michael Bish

Michael Bish is a Writer/On-Air Personality at FOX Sports/WHAP. He covers NFL, NHL, NBA and College Football. He's covered major sporting events and has interviewed several professional and collegiate athletes. Michael is also a Co-Host on The MC Sports Report on FOX Sports Radio WHAP.

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