See why Shawne Merriman is still “Lights Out”

Shawne Merriman, who retired as a San Diego Charger  has moved in another direction but remains   in the “Spot Light.” He has created a fashion line called Lights Out.”The line was inspired by my background with fashion and how I observed what was hot or not. The name Lights Out was inspired by my nickname that I was given on the field.”

The transition from NFL player to designing the line has made Merriman a very diverse individual that is very optimistic about the brand. “Growing up I really did not have patience. I had to learn and adapt to having patience. I mean you have to understand your market target, what stores that you want to put your line at, the design and fabric, and how it intrigues people.” You have to have patience with your brand and I am still a competitor outside of the field. I love the thrill of competing with other brands that are established.”

Growing up in Prince George, Washington D.C, Merriman enjoyed going to DTLR, because that was where he could find all of the good clothes for a low price.

Today Merriman showcased a lot of his line at DTLR. “I like giving back to my hometown and it is something that I am proud of. I am very optimistic that a lot of people will like what I bring to the table.”

As a former NFL player, Merriman shared his views with college players getting paid. He felt that players should get paid for what they do on the field. “I mean the players deserve some type of salary. Some players struggle to make ends meet because they can not afford it. I think the NCAA will come with some type of plan to make sure that players get compensated.”

You can find  the latest  Lights Out Apparel, at your  local  DTLR, or at


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