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Take aways from the Cougars victory over Idaho

Washington State-  The Cougars win in a blowout over the Vandals 61-48.Before the match-up between the Cougars and the Vandals, Washington’s head coach Ernie Kent was sitting on the opponents’ bench. This summer, Kent bided $2,000 to win an item in a charity event, along with access to an Idaho game.

“I don’t think anybody’s ever seen that anywhere in the country, where opposing coaches stood on one side of the field, sat on another team’s bench, sat in another team’s dugout,” Kent said. “That’s not the importance of what transpired. It was the fact that you have coaches, again coaches, standing up for such a worthy cause.” This is bigger than coaches. This is what brings people together, because the cause is bigger than the game.”

The Cougars walk away with a victory, but they shot poorly in the second half. They were 33% from the field, 14 turnovers, and was outrebounded 42/40 in the second half. However on the defensive side of the ball they had seven blocked shots and three steals.

With the victory, they are now 5-4 and face Kansas State Dec.10. They have to find ways to get the ball to their key players and stop turning the ball over.

Turnovers against KSU will hurt their chances of pulling off the upset. They need Flynn to be aggressive but watch the fouls. He has the ability to change the direction of the game and give defenders trouble with guarding him because he can take it to the rim and he can shoot from the outside at a high percentage.

WSU is 10th in the Pac 12 and needs to find a way to get wins consecutive. They have not played in their conference yet, but they are 5-4 and needs to be consistent if they are going to make a deep run in March.


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