Three Keys for the Commanders to Defeat the Bills

The 2-0 Washington Commanders return to FedEx Field to host the 1-1 Buffalo Bills. After a thrill come from behind win in Denver, the Commanders hope to keep up the energy against a tougher opponent in the Bills. Here are my three keys for Washington to secure the victory.


1. Start Fast

Chase Young against Denver.

Last week the Commanders were taking the blows in the first quarter. Down 21-3 is not a place you want to be in the NFL too often. Against better teams that could lead to a blowout loss. Today Washington must be the aggressor today and force the Bills to make mistakes. I know Coach Rivera’s philosophy is to be reactionary but for the next two weeks let’s force the other team’s hand.


2. Accept the Turnovers

Chase Young and Montez Sweat celebrate a sack of Russell Wilson. 9/17/23

The Bills, starting with Josh Allen, have had a propensity to turn the ball over. With that being the case, the Commanders defense needs to capitalize on those to set the offense up for success. The Bills have a lot of playmakers starting with Stephon Diggs, but consistent pressure on Allen will cause bad throws. That has to be the goal for the defense.

3. Steady Sam

Sam Howell readies to take the snap. 9/17/23

Sam Howell has never looked flustered or out of sorts. That must continue against an aggressive defense that the Bills have. We have seen with some time Howell can get the ball all over the field. Howell has done great not putting the ball in danger but he needs to do the same with his body. Limit the hits he takes and take risk only when necessary. If Howell is around 250 yards then it is a good day.



The Bills present a tougher challenge however they have their flaws. If Washington wants to take the next step and be a contender, these are the teams you have to defeat. The esthetics do not matter, just win. I am staying on the hype train: Commanders 21, Bills 20. 

Felix Trammell