Washington Football Team

Three Keys to Victory for Washington to Defeat the New York Giants

If there ever was a must win game in week 2 this is it for Washington. The New York Giants come in after a humiliating loss at home to the Denver Broncos are trying to correct themselves as well. Washington can correct a lot of issues with a win but if they lose then there will be a lot of soul searching and a visit to Buffalo Bills looming after a mini bye-week. The Giants have a few issues especially with the offensive line that Washington can exploit. Here are are my keys to victory.

1. Get off the field!

The Los Angeles Chargers were 14-19 on third down. If Washington could have cut those in half or even by five, they would have won. The defense must get off the field on third down, period. Make Daniel Jones stand in the pocket and throw the ball, and put him on the ground. Hold the Giants under 50% on third down, then they win the game. This starts with consistent pressure on the quarterback, attack all night!

2. Feature Gibson, Don’t Forget About McLaurin and Thomas

The offensive game should feature Antonio Gibson running the ball and catching the ball. With that being said, Scott Turner must get the ball to Terry and Logan. Turner needs to be aggressive in scheming plays for those two. Turner’s offense has been rightly criticized of being conservative and with Taylor Heinicke’s play making ability, the offense needs to open up. Be balanced but be aggressive. Also use J.D. McKissic.

3. Keep Heinicke Upright

The offensive line did not have a good performance on Sunday in pass protection. While the Giants don’t have a Joey Bosa, they do have a solid defensive line that can play. Scott Turner can help the line by scheming quick throws and play action passes. The line should take exception to their play Sunday by being the force they want to be tonight. Two sacks or less and Washington should be in good shape.


Both teams were supposed to contend for the NFC East but both stumbled out of the gate. The Giants have offensive line issues and Saquon Barkley coming off of injury. Washington should have the advantage here. Washington 27 Giants 17
Felix Trammell