Three Keys to Victory for Washington to Defeat the New York Giants

The Commanders (3-3) march in to MetLife Stadium to begin a two game stretch against NFC East Opponents starting with the New York Giants (1-5). The Giants come into the game reeling hosting a ton of injuries and playing a tough schedule. The Giants probably have this game circled as a chance to right their ship. The Giants are down multiple offensive linemen and starting quarterback Daniel Jones are out today. The Commanders are fairly healthy and should be able to win. Here are my three keys for a Washington win


1. Quick Reads

The Giants often employ a strong pass rush, making it essential for the quarterback to make quick reads and get the ball out efficiently. Short, high-percentage passes can help neutralize the pass rush and move the chains effectively. The Giants defense is healthy and playing well. Sam Howell and Eric Bienemy needs to employ shorter passes to counter their pass rush. Goal- Less than 25 passing attempts.

2. Defensive Line

To disrupt the Giants’ offensive rhythm, the defensive commander needs to apply consistent pressure on the quarterback. Sacks, hurries, and quarterback hits can force mistakes and disrupt the flow of their passing game. Tyrod Taylor gets rid of the ball quick and is a good runner. Keep Taylor there and get some hits on him and that should be effective. Goal 3 sacks and 6 QB Hits

3. Field Position

Effective punt and kick return strategies can significantly influence field position. The special teams commander must aim to win the field position battle, providing their offense with shorter fields to work with. Jamison Crowder helped turn the game around with his huge punt return to get the offense kicked started. Tress Way and Sam Howell play a part in this as well. Let the Giants offense beat themselves. Goal- Average Field Position for the Giants 23 yard line.



Of course this will be a close game, but the Giants injuries will be too much. Washington 21, New York 17


Felix Trammell