Three Keys to Victory For Washington to Defeat the New York Giants

The Washington Commanders return to FedEx field after back to back games on the road going 1-1. This will be the first game at home since the deadline trades of Chase Young and Montez Sweat. The Commanders will host a reeling opponent in the New York Giants who are clearly focusing on next season. The Giants did hand the Commanders the one of their worst defeats of the season with a 14-7 loss, where the Giants blitzed Sam Howell out of the Meadowlands. Since that performance the offensive line was revamped, play calling adjusted, and Howell has been playing so much better. Here are my keys to victory.


1. Beat the Blitz

The Giants are a prideful bunch who were humbled last week by the Dallas Cowboys, will compete very hard especially on defense. The Giants will blitz to cover up a weak secondary so Washington must be ready. Eric Bienemy is the first line of attack with play calling design (max protection and moving pockets). Second will be Tyler Larsen and his communication with the line, picking up stunts. Lastly Sam Howell must recognize the blitz and get the ball out quickly. He has done this well the last few weeks and must continue that today. Goal- 2 or less sacks.

2. Attack the QB

The Giants are starting a third string quarterback in Tommy Davis and Jack Del Rio needs to attack him. Devito is not the mobile threat that Tyrod Taylor or Daniel Jones is, which is usually the type of QB that gives Washington problems. For once JDR, be the aggressor and make the Giants adjust. Devito can’t have the full playbook at his disposal so JDR needs to be aggressive. Nothing more to say here. Goal 3 or more sack, force two turnovers.

3. Easy Win

The NFL did not give Washington any favors with this schedule that features two division opponents in five days. Washington needs to do something they do not do often, win a game easily. Washington needs to take control of this game to rest players to get ready for the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. With the Giants reeling, knock them out early and embrace a home division win. Goal- Win by two scores


As much as Washington should dominate the Giants I just don’t see that happening because of Washington’s nature. I think Washington wins but it will be a close slow affair. Washington 20, Giants 13.

Felix Trammell