Three Keys to Victory for Washington to Defeat the Philadelphia Eagles

The Washington Commanders return to FedEx Field reeling after a 14-7 loss to the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. The last time the Commanders were at home they were demolished by the Bears. Sandwiched between those losses was a win over the Atlanta Falcons. So with the ups and downs of the team, that shows a young team that is pretty mediocre.  Which means on any given day they could beat any team in the league, but conversely they can lose to any team in this league. This is pretty much where they stand. Here is how I believe the Commanders can defeat the Philadelphia Eagles.


1. Smart Offense

Sam Howell attempts to complete a pass against the Bills.

There are two types of offenses in football: those who go straight ahead and tell the other team what they are running and encourage them to stop them (Kansas City), and those who have to be smart and trick the defense (the rest of the league). Washington is definitely in the latter category and the offense must be ran this way. I understand how the team gameplans and wants to attack, but the offense must have a fail safe ready at all times. Last week the offense took too long to switch to the fail safe and that lended itself to a loss.  The offense was really good against the Eagles defense earlier this season so keep that plan, but we know the Eagles probably watched the Bears and Giants defensive game plan and will try to copy it. Heavy lines and max protection is the way to go. Goal- Sam Howell 23-29 250 yards, 2 touchdowns. 

2. Make it Hurts

Chase Young and Montez Sweat celebrate a sack of Russell Wilson. 9/17/23

Jalen Hurts is the is gasoline to the engine that is the Philadelphia Eagles. Hurts is running less but his legs still make him the ultimate weapon. Adding Julio Jones to an already potent offense is like adding a super charged Hemi to a race car. However Hurts is not 100% and the defense needs to affect him with contact. The more hits you can get on him will effect the offense’s timing. The Eagles can be slowed down and the defense must step it up today. Goal- Two sacks, six quarterback hits

3. Pride

For years the team has asked for the distractions of the previous ownership not to be put on them, judge them on the field. Now this is the case and the results haven’t been good. Year 4 isn’t rebuild and learning how to win, its winning and competing for titles time. Excuses like that doesn’t resonate with the fanbase which needs to see results on the field. The Eagles in 2020 went in to rebuild, in 2021 made the playoffs, in 2022 made the Super Bowl. Proves a good front office and aggressive coaching gets it done. This team needs to play like there is no tomorrow because if they lose it may not be a tomorrow for some of these players. This team has plenty of nice guys, these nice guys need to show pride and compete against the best in the conference. Goal- Heart



If the flow of the season continues, this team usually follows a bad game with a good game. Last week was an okay game defensively and a bad offensive game. That would lend itself to a good offensive but bad offensive game. The Commanders usullay play up to these type of opponents but I think they fall a tad short. Eagles 24, Commanders 2o

Felix Trammell