Title Picture Is Getting Crowded: SmackDown Live Review

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SmackDown once again delivered another stellar episode, as I usually do I will provide the top three moments of the night as well as the results.

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1) Number one contender for the WWE Championship

The main event was the show-off Dolph Ziggler against Baron Corbin with the opportunity to become #1 contender for the WWE Championship. AJ Styles was on commentary. This match had non-stop momentum going back and forth and it was an unbelievable performance by Corbin. This performance proved that he deserves to be in the main event eventually.

Unfortunately, this match ended in a count out as Corbin threw Ziggler on top of Styles. Styles suddenly snapped and he took out both Ziggler and Corbin with a steel chair. SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan came out and announced next week on SmackDown LIVE’s Wild Card Finals, Styles will defend his WWE Championship against both Ziggler and Corbin in a triple threat match.

Carmella continues to accuse Natalya of attacking Nikki at Survivor Series.

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2) Queen of Harts

Natalya came out to explain that she did not attack Nikki Bella. However, Carmella came out and decided to snitch on Natalya stated that she told her that the Bella were not good as singles competitors that’s why the WWE paired them up as a team. Natalya snapped and threw Carmella through the Christmas stage. Natalya made the confession that she did indeed attack Nikki Bella at Survivor Series because it’s her time and Nikki has had her time.

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3) Mind games

There is only one week until her SmackDown Women’s Championship defense against Becky Lynch at SmackDown LIVE’s Wild Card Finals. Alexa Bliss would be in action with La Luchadora gave Bliss more than she could handle. La Luchadora picked up a massive victory over Bliss via a Dis-Arm-Her submission. After the match, La Luchadora revealed herself as Becky Lynch. Bliss was irate as expected Lynch is going into her SmackDown Women’s Championship match with momentum.

SmackDown results

WWE Champion AJ Styles defeated James Ellsworth via a fury of fists.
Intercontinental Champion The Miz defeated Apollo Crews via a finger poke followed by a Skull Crushing Finale.
Dean Ambrose defeated Luke Harper via a roll up.
Mojo Rawley defeated Curt Hawkins via a running deadly fist to Curt Hawkins face.

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