“Washington Commanders Draft Jartavius Martin and Ricky Stromberg: Adding Versatility and Stability to Their Roster”

The Washington Commanders have made some interesting moves in the 2023 NFL Draft, and two of their most notable picks came in the second and third rounds. With the 47th overall pick, they selected Jartavius Martin, a defensive back out of the University of Illinois. Then, in the third round with the 97th overall pick, they selected Ricky Stromberg, a center out of the University of Arkansas.

Jartavius Martin is a versatile defensive back who has the ability to play both safety and cornerback. He had a strong college career at Illinois, where he was a starter for three seasons and made a name for himself as a physical, hard-hitting defender. Martin is known for his ability to play the run, as well as his athleticism and coverage skills. His ability to play multiple positions in the secondary will give the Commanders some much-needed flexibility on defense.

The Commanders picked a skilled center in Ricky Stromberg in the third round to bolster their offensive line. At Arkansas, Stromberg spent three seasons as a standout member of the offensive line. He is renowned for his ability to make quick, accurate reads and effectively communicate with his teammates. He is strong and big enough to anchor the line. The Commanders have been trying to improve their offensive line, and the choice of Stromberg ought to help them do that.

Overall, the Commanders made two solid picks in the second and third rounds of the draft. Jartavius Martin adds versatility and physicality to their secondary, while Ricky Stromberg brings stability and reliability to their offensive line. If these two players can continue to develop and improve, they could become important pieces of the Commanders’ future success.

Glen Thomas