Washington Commanders Training Camp Day 6 Recap

It’s the best day of the year, or maybe that’s just for me, however today was day six of camp but the first day in full pads. This is the time when you can accurately access full football with physicality and contact. As expected some minor tempers flared but as Sam Cosmi said, “Everyone gets a little more amped when the pads come on.” Here is my assessment of what I saw today.


The Good

Line Battles- My favorite part of camp is the offensive vs. defensive line one on ones and running game battles. In practice today the defensive line easily won the running game battles (inside 8-9 players with no wide receivers or cornerbacks), the first string defense made a statement. The second and third team offensive line was able to open some holes however. When the lines went to one on one pass blocking the offensive line held its own. The defensive line talked but the offensive line never backed down. This is good on all levels.

Forbes Physicality- The biggest concern about first round pick Emmanuel Forbes was his size. With full pads and full contact you can easily see that Forbes is pretty physical. The team has given him the full gauntlet of competition from the smaller quicker Dotson to flexed out tight ends in Logan Thomas or Cole Turner. Forbes has been beaten, all corners do, Forbes has great recovery speed and great anticipation. The most important part is Forbes is looking to make an interception on every play.

Mason Brooks- Brooks probably had the moment of practice. During one on ones, Mason Brooks had a rep against Phidarian Mathis and handled him pretty easily. Then comments were made and Brooks called Mathis back up to go again. This time Brooks put Mathis in the ground and let him know about it afterwards. The defensive line won battles but the offensive line talked trash and gave it right back. This was great to see.


The Bad

Jamin Davis- The on the field questions are there but the off the field issues for Jamin are the bigger concern. The lack of common sense and good choices is not good. I think Jamin may get a suspension when all is said and done. With new ownership and focus on turning over a new leaf, this will probably be addressed. Jamin is a good guy and a wonderful talent, but for his sake he gets that driving thing corrected.


The Ugly

Defensive End Battle- This is a a good thing overall but the defensive end position Is a crowded place. Obviously Chase Young and Montez Sweat are the entrenched starters, James Smith-Williams is the backup and Efe Obada is having an amazing camp. With EJ Henry being drafted he certainly will be on the roster but that leaves Casey Toohill, William Bradley-King in doubt. So will they keep five because Obada has been getting reps inside as well. This will be a battle where some quality players will not make the roster.


Quote of the Day

On the mental part of playing as an interior offensive lineman: “I love it. I mean, it’s physical. That’s why we play o-line. It’s the physicality, to inflict pain in others when they don’t want you to do that. I’ve really enjoyed it. Like I said, it really fits me and going forward, I just want to build on that and just make it something special.” Sam Cosmi 8/1/23

Felix Trammell