X Games Aspen Kicks Off Shred Hate Bully-Prevention Campaign

The X Games in Aspen will be hosting the Shred Hate Bullying Prevention Campaign. The Campaign hopes to decrease bullying worldwide. On Jan. 18, athletes from the X Games will be speaking at three schools in Pueblo, Colorado. Shred Hate spokesperson Jack Mitrani, Aspen natives and Aspen high school alumni Torin Yater-Wallace and Alex Ferreira, 10-time consecutive Snowmobile SnoCross gold medalist Tucker Hibbert and BMX legend Kevin Robinson.

“I’m beyond excited to be involved with such an inspiring and positive campaign,” said Jack Mitrani, X Games host, and snowboarder. “There really is so much potential with this program, and it is an honor to be working alongside my favorite action sports athletes as well as the X Games platform to collaboratively make a positive impact in Colorado, Minnesota, and across the country.”

ESPN is teaming up with the campaign to help bring awareness to schools, parents, and individuals who can prevent bullying. The athletes will speak about the importance of making the environment better, knowing what to do when an individual is getting bullied, and how do they talk to someone without fear of judgment.

“Action sports can be a positive avenue for athletes and youth whose individuality may not fit into ‘traditional’ team sports,” said Kevin Martinez, vice president of ESPN Corporate Citizenship. “In that regard, ESPN has used its X Games platform to launch Shred Hate to help students choose kindness and reach them no matter what stage they might be in — to prevent bullying from happening, to help those already affected and reach those who are in a state of crisis.”

Before the X Games, as well as during them, athletes will wear shirts or talk about the campaign and what it means to them. This is a big deal for all participants because change is something that is necessary in order to make the environment a safe place.

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