Interview: UFC Hall of Famer “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock

UFC Hall of Famer ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ Ken Shamrock is an immortal icon in the high-octane world of Mixed Martial Arts. The intensely gifted Shamrock perennially headlined box office main events and co-main events during his majorly decorated career in the UFC and Pride Fighting Championships, whilst frequently setting television pay-per-view records with his marquee drawing ability and innate submission expertise.

Shamrock boasts many essential UFC records which remain perfectly intact including: the longest bout in UFC history in a classic 36 minute draw against UFC Hall of Famer and Brazil national hero Royce Gracie at UFC 5, proudly being enshrined as the first-ever UFC Hall of Fame inductee, and being the inaugural UFC athlete to defend a UFC Championship title.
‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ successfully transitioned from the UFC thereafter, imprinting an indelible impact in Vince McMahon’s WWE during the unforgettable sports-entertainment boom period known as The Attitude Era; widely winning the deep adulation and divine respect from the WWE Universe worldwide with his inimitable combat style and unmatched aggression. Inside MMA officially ranked Ken Shamrock in the top ten MMA fighters of all-time based on major influence of putting MMA on the map, alongside his deep litany of MMA accomplishments internationally.

Which bout do you consider the greatest showdown in your illustrious UFC Hall of Fame career? 

I believe my second fight with Royce (Gracie) was my defining moment. I beat everybody in Japan and was the champion. I wanted to redeem my loss to Royce (Gracie) and I did that, and not only did I redeem myself, I ran Royce (Gracie) out of the UFC. I became the first MMA fighter to capture two MMA titles in two different countries. This was my defining moment.

Who is the more intense businessman – Dana White or Vince McMahon? 

No clear answer.

Where does officiating as the special guest referee between ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart at WrestleMania 13 rank in your accomplished sports-entertainment career? 

When I got the opportunity to referee ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Bret Hart’s brutal match it was a memory. I will never forget. It literally changed the direction of pro wrestling into the direction I was most familiar with. Anything goes, or as we call it the Attitude Era. This match, I rank up with my most memorable events like becoming the first Pancrase Champion, first UFC single fight Champion, WWF Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion, King of The Ring, TNA Wrestling’s first World Heavyweight Champion, WWF Rookie of the year, and MMA two-time fighter of the year. I rank that match up there with these accomplishments.

Ronda Rousey stars in box office blockbuster ‘The Expendables 3’. What’s your take on her crossover appeal? 

Ronda Rousey is awesome in her crossover into movies. Great move. I have one concern about Cris (Cyborg) and Ronda (Rousey), the fight that I believe should happen before her crossover takes full effect. The last thing you want as a fighter is any question marks on your career. She (Rousey) has a great opportunity to hush everybody. I hope that her handlers will let her do just that – hush everybody.

What advice do you have for aspiring MMA athletes?

My advice for young fighters is to make sure you have something else to fall back on just in case you suffer a bad injury, or you just do not get the opportunities you thought you we’re going to get.

You were a major superstar during the Attitude Era. Do you believe that the WWE Hall of Fame awaits you?

Do I believe I should be in the WWE Hall of Fame? My answer is yes. Of course, I mean people are copying my moves. I helped change pro wrestling into big business and was a part of the biggest pay-per-view broadcast in record breaking times.

What was your first reaction in the locker room on the night of the infamous ‘Montreal Screwjob’ at WWE Survivor Series 1997? 

The screw job, I felt bad for Bret (Hart). He had worked so hard on bringing the Canadian market and the USA market together in a way that made a huge money. Making opportunity for all of us, and he was going to drop the belt to me once he and Shawn (Michaels) had finished their angle, but it never happened.

Credit: @DeanPerretta
Glenwood Thomas