2016 Most Disappointing NXT Call Ups

What is NXT

NXT, once looked at as developmental brand, has established itself as the legit third brand of the WWE. Like Raw and Smackdown, they have their brand exclusive championships and their own pay-per-view specials.  During WrestleMania and SummersSlam weekend NXT features their own pay-per-view where rivalries climax. NXT Takeover  has become must see TV for any wrestling fan. But for any WWE Superstar, the ultimate goal is the main roster. There have been some superstars whose careers began on NXT and have flourished on the main roster. However in 2016, there have been some disappointments. Guys/gals who may have been rushed too soon. While some on this list may have been called at the end of 2015, they still failed to establish themselves as legit stars.

Apollo Crews


Apollo Crews entered the WWE with a lot of buzz coming from the independent circuit. He made his debut at NXT Takeover Brooklyn in 2015 with a win over Tye Dillinger. After WrestleMania, he was promoted to the main roster. I will argue the fact that Crews was rushed. The wrestling was there without a doubt, but his character was not established. He and the Miz had good matches for the Intercontinental Championship, but who is Apollo Crews? We are still left wondering…

Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze spent a great amount of time in NXT. He never won the NXT Championship, but he spent enough time down there to develop a character. Breeze made the selfie stick cool. During the infancy of periscope, Breeze’s entrance would run live from his cell phone and fans could get a ringside view of him walking to the ring. But what happened when he went to Smackdown? Breeze would engage in a feud with another “pretty-boy,” Dolph Ziggler but after that was over he seemed to fade away. Some things just work on a smaller venue. Remember when Emma used to move her hands from side to side? Like Emma, Breeze went to the main roster and heard a lot of crickets. Eventually he would join another NXT disappointment, Fandango. One can only see what will happen as these two move forward.

The Vaudevillains

The Vaudevillains look like a team from the 1980s. They are former NXT Tag Team Champions, but what team on that brand hasn’t won the belts? To call the Vaudevillains a disappointment may not be fair to Breeze and Crews. They are just bad.

Final Thoughts

NXT is far from a disappointing brand. At WrestleMania 31, every match except Sting vs Triple H featured a graduate. On that night, their first every champion won the WWE World Title to close the show. There are a lot of superstars who are on NXT now that have great potential, but if their characters do not evolve or they do not establish them first, then they will find themselves on the list!


Brian Waters

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