The Aftermath: Roadblock End Of The Line

On Sunday night, Roadblock had compelling matches with a lot of twists and turns making it very entertaining with intriguing storylines moving forward I will provide the three best matches as well as the results.


Four-time RAW Women’s Championship

This was a match that everybody in the wrestling world was looking forward, Charlotte challenged Sasha Banks in a 30 minute Iron Man match for the final time for the RAW Women’s Championship. It was only fitting as this took place in an Iron Man match after all the classic matches they had against each other. The stakes were even taken up a notch because the loser of the match would receive no rematch.

Momentum shifted turning point of the match was when Charlotte Flair kicked out Sasha Banks legs and Banks went face-first into the steel ring steps. Charlotte was able to finally score the first fall in the match near the 20-minute mark when she hit the Natural Selection off the top rope for the pinfall

Banks was able to even up the score around the 21-minute mark Banks rolled up her for a pinfall. Then, a few mins later around the 24-minute in, Banks made Charlotte tap out with The Bank Statement and she took the lead two to one. Charlotte was in a desperate need to pick up another fall or submission to even up the score at two. Charlotte had Banks in the Figure Eight Leg Lock and just before the time expired Banks tapped out.

There was no choice but for this match to go to overtime and Charlotte wasted no time as she targeted Banks damaged legs. Charlotte then applied another Figure Eight Leg Lock and Banks tapped out. She made history becoming a four-time RAW Women’s Championship Charlotte is now a perfect 15-0 this year on pay-per-view which is a mind-blowing stat.

Cesaro & Sheamus shock the WWE Universe and defeat The New Day.


The streak is over

The New Day looked to retain their WWE Tag Team Champions and extend their historic title run. However, they had a tough test against Sheamus and Cesaro. It was a smart move to start off the pay-per-view because the crowd was invested in the entire match. Both teams showcased their great teamwork with effective double teams moves on each other. Kingston had a mental breakdown he thought that Cesaro was the legal man and he gave him the Trouble in Paradise. Unfortunately, Cesaro was not the legal man and Sheamus capitalized and he hit the Brogue Kick on Kofi for the win. Cesaro and Sheamus ended The New Day streak as the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions at 482 days.


Jericho's interference allows his best friend to retain the WWE Universal Championship!

Photo credit via WWE

3) Tease

Owens defended his Universal Champion against Roman Reigns but his mind was not on the match. Owens was focused more on his best friend because he got involved in Jericho’s match earlier. He can adapt to any wrestler’s style. Owens is a freak of nature for his size and he connected with two Frog Splash off the barricade on Roman Reigns twice and he made sure that the announcer’s table broke.

The momentum went back and forth Reigns hit a Spear as Owens was about to hit him with his title. As soon as Owens was in trouble his best friend Chris Jericho came down to the ring. Jericho connected with a Codebreaker to Owens, therefore, Reigns won the match via disqualification, therefore, Owens retained his Universal title. It was all set up and the best friends Owens and Jericho are well.

Overall I thought this pay per view was average at best. I would give this show a 7.5 out of 10 and I only got one match wrong in terms of the Iron Man match.

Roadblock results

Rusev defeated Big Cass via a count out courtesy of Lana
Sami Zayn survived 10 minutes against Braun Strowman
Seth Rollins defeated Chris Jericho via a Pedigree
Rich Swann defeated TJ Perkins and The Brian Kendrick via a Superkick to Perkins

All the photos were from the WWE

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