Adrien Broner Wins Split Decision over Adrian Granados

After a 10 month ban for, Welterweight boxer Adrien Broner decided to fight Adrian Granados on Saturday. Broner and Granados had a slug fest which came down to a decision at the end of the match. Broner scored 97-93 and 96-94 on two scorecards, while Granados scored 97-93 on one card.

“I knew that Adrian Granados was going to come tough,” Broner said. “At the end of the day, I was beating him up. This was an easy one for me. I feel good.”Inside this ring it’s business. Granados is a great friend of mine. It’s nothing personal.”

A couple weeks ago, Broner stated that he was going to fight Granados at 147 pounds, which gave critics a lot to talk about. Broner was criticized about his weight on multiple occasions, but came out ready to prove his critics wrong again.

After a vicious punch that Broner landed on Granados, Broner stated that he might have injured his left hand. After the first round, Broner looked a little uneasy when he on the ropes, so he brought the fight in the middle of the ring. Granados landed some big shots that wobbled Broner, but Broner stood tough throughout the rounds. Both fighters took some brutal hits, but was pleased at what they had accomplished against each other.

“Adrian Granados is a world-class fighter,” Broner said. “A lot of guys duck him, but I wanted to fight him because that’s what I’m about. I hurt my left hand in the first round. Since then I couldn’t throw my jab as much. That’s why I had to stay inside. I couldn’t use my jab but I adjusted.”

According to CompuBox punch statistics, Broner, landed 166 of 403 punches (41 percent), while Granados connected on 146 of 683 blows (21 percent).

Granados did not like the decision and he responded to it;”I knew it wouldn’t be a pretty fight, but I’m so thankful to my team,” Granados said. “Broner knows there were lots of games played leading up to this. I just want to be treated fairly. I know I don’t have a perfect record, but I can beat anybody. Let’s do it again. He fought smart and did his thing. If he thinks he did it this time, let’s do it again. I want it at my house (in Chicago).”

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