Arkansas should Embrace Malik Monk not shun him

West Memphis, Arkansas — The state of Arkansas is comprised of prideful people. Outsiders are unaware of the gems here and commonly generalize it with negative stereotypes. Yes, it is a fact. You will not find endless shorelines of beaches like in Florida. Nor are there high-end shopping districts like New York City. Instead, you’ll find people passionate about the place they call home. The state doesn’t have a professional team, and the Arkansas Razorbacks are just that for them.
When Malik Monk committed to the University of Kentucky it left many dumbfounded. They couldn’t phantom a future first round NBA draft pick would leave the Natural State to play for a SEC rival. Many shunned him for making a decision he felt was best for him. Though it may be hard for Arkansans to stomach that decision and some considered it as an unforgivable “sin.” It’s imperative for people in the Natural State to embrace one of their own.

Malik loves Arkansas just as much as you:

Malik Monk’s entire existence is embedded in the fabric of his home state. Friendly, and polite. Courtesy and well mannered. He represents Arkansas in the highest regards. Monk made a decision that many from here make all the time. He chose to leave for growth and opportunity. It’s a common trend for young people born and raised in Arkansas to leave for Texas because of higher paying jobs and prosperous opportunities. Not to say Arkansas doesn’t have those avenues, however, at times a person must move from home to excel.

Monk will be an NBA basketball player sooner than later. Yes, he went to Kentucky and perhaps, to some,  it would have been ideal for him to have been in a Razorbacks jersey during his college career. It’s worth mentioning the impacts he has in this state and will have once he’s on the next level will be enormous.

A kid from the Mississippi River Delta, or as he calls it “the woods” will have an opportunity to give back to his community and be a role model to the youth. In some instances, growing up in impoverish parts of the state people tend to live and die in the same conditions. Monk will have the chance to impact that in a positive way. His influence on basketball will just as impactful. Giving kids the opportunity across the state that would otherwise be overlooked. That’s how Monk will use his platform being a high profile basketball going across racial and political lines that not only divide Arkansas but this country as a whole.

Embracing Your Own:

It makes sense. Anyone would want the best players in the state to play at home. Monk made a decision that was best for him. We all do. If given a better opportunity, but the “downside” is relocation that’s something everyone would consider and most would do. However, Arkansas must embrace Monk. He’s one of you. Yes, he may wear a Kentucky blue jersey, but he still bleeds Arkansas red. Razorbacks fans must accept this and move forward. The program is in great shape and will be competitive for many years to come. Monk isn’t defined by the jersey he wears. It’s his influence on the state as his platform continues to grows is what he should be judged on.

Joshua Vinson

Joshua Vinson

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  • March 27, 2017 at 4:09 pm

    Arkansas Fans supported him and his brother. Then the Monk’s turned their backs on Arkansas Fans and signed with Kentucky.

    Fool me once shame on you…Fool me twice….nope, not gonna happen.

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