Brady Anderson Candid After His Home Run Derby Win

The Baltimore Orioles held a celebration for the 25th anniversary of the opening of Camden Yards. On Saturday, the stadium hosted a home run derby that featured Brady Anderson, Mike Devereaux, Chris Hoiles, Joe Orsulak and Sam Horn.

BALTIMORE, Md. — In the finals of the home run derby, Anderson would take on Horn. Anderson totaled 210 home runs during his 15-year career. Horn totaled 62 home runs over his eight-year career.

Anderson would reign victorious over Horn in the matchup between the

“I had a blast,” Anderson said to media after the derby. “Again, it sounds ridiculous, but I didn’t really get to hit. I didn’t think of it in my head any differently than a regular home run derby.

Anderson spoke about his first home run derby in 1996. It took place in Philadelphia during the MLB All-Star Game festivities.

“I remember my first home run derby in Philadelphia,” Anderson said. “I used to have a stance where I got up on my back foot and rocked back and forth. I had the mic on me and remember that my back leg was shaking and I was worried that the cameras would pick that up.

So there’s something about… you’re kind of out there… you’re not used to taking BP [batting practice] with the turtle removed. And you’ve seen some disastrous home run derbies. So you can pretend like it doesn’t matter, laugh it off. You can take it seriously and do your best. I prefer to do my best and if I don’t do well, I’ll take the beating.”

Usually when derby hitters participate, there is often talk of a second half slump. Often times, batters change their swing or their timing for the home run derby. This time for Anderson, he didn’t have that to worry about.

“Nah, I never worried about that anyway,” laughed off Anderson. “I like taking BP. I liked taking loads of BP when I played. I hear now guys complain that it is more arduous now for them because they get to hit more, but I used to love it.

I used to take half-hour BP sessions anyway and I always thought trying to hit home runs in BP, if you did it the right way improved your swing. I didn’t think it hurt it. So it’s just all in your head. You can choose to let the home run derby affect you or you could choose to not let it affect you.”

(Photo Credit: Hugh Scott/FOX Sports 1340 AM)

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