Browns release Josh McCown and Tramon Williams

The Cleveland Browns decided to part ways with QB Josh McCown and CB Tramon Williams to start their rebuilding stage. On one hand McCown gave the Browns a chance to win games, if he was healthy. In his two years with the Browns, he completed 276-457 and had a total of 3,209 yards. He was the anchor that this team needed, because he played with his heart and did not give up on any play or down.

The release of Tramon Williams was unexpected. Williams started with the Browns in 2015 and made a heck of player on the defensive side. He was in the line-up for 15 games. He had 69 tackles, 10 passes defended, and a pick, but his numbers faltered going into last season. He did not have that speed that the organization was used to seeing. Williams struggled and his starts was cut to seven last season.

With the release of Williams and McCown, the Browns will not have to pay McCown his 750,000 roster bonus and $1 million to Williams.

With the NFL draft coming up soon, the Browns need to find some help in their secondary and their offensive line. They have struggled to protect any of their quarterbacks, which makes it hard to even get positive plays out. They finished last year with a record of 1-15 and had so many mistakes that they need to improve on before they make a decision on what is next for the organization.

RG3 was injured in the first game by an incompetent decision by the head coach, to go out there with three minutes left in regulation,  down by a couple of scores, and put his QB in a situation where he could be injured.

Questionable decisions have hunted the Browns’ organization for years. For the last six years, the Browns have drafted more QB’s than any other organization. They have not been to the playoffs since a lost to the Steelers in 2002.

With all the chances that the Browns are making, they need to make sure that they can find players for longevity instead of temporarily.

Fago Franklin