Cam Newton’s Good Cause for Charity

Carolina Panthers’ QB Cam Newton exercised his good deeds this weekend in an annual kickball tournament that featured other players like Josh Norman, Jameis Winston, and Greg Olsen for his foundation.

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The Newton Foundation started three years ago and has impacted a lot of fans and youth, which makes Newton very proud. “I know what my job requires,” Newton said. “It’s bigger than just being a good football player. Things like this help me achieve those goals. “Giving back to kids you know it’s important that they feel our heart,” Norman said.

The weekend consisted of a kickball tournament, the start of a two-day fundraising weekend for Newton’s foundation, and a Kids Rock gala on Saturday night at the Convention Center. All of these events will raise money and help out children in need.

Players who came out to support the cause explained why it meant so much to them. “I grew up looking up to Cam my whole life,” Jameis Winston said in a brief interview. “There’s no way I wouldn’t be here for him.”

The turnout for the charity event was great and a lot of people asked Newton about him throwing the ball since he injured his shoulder last season. “Just to clear the record – underhand is a natural throwing motion. It’s not causing any issues. I consider it as natural treatment,” Newton said, smiling. “I’m pretty sure (Panthers trainer) Ryan Vermillion’s going to see this and probably is already texting me. If not he’s going to give me a big earful on Monday. “We’re just having fun. Great cause, great weather and a great turnout.”

Newton has always displayed his generosity, passion, and his devotion to being the best role model on and off the field and each year the turnout for his events are often sold out. This puts in perspective that what you do off the field says a lot about your character.

Fago Franklin