Charges against Darrelle Revis was dropped

Free agent Darrelle Revis was not charged for allegedly hitting two men and knocking them unconscious. Before the charges were dismissed, Revis was facing five criminal charges that could have put him in jail. “What happened is in the past now and all I can do is move forward,” Revis told NFL Network’s Aditi Kinkhabwala.

Revis’ friend Rashawn Bolton testified about the incident and why Revis reacted the way that he did. “Darrelle Revis is a peaceful, quiet, private individual and a law-abiding citizen,” Robert Del Greco Jr., Revis’ attorney, told reporters after the hearing. “A neutral, detached, disinterested judge determined that there isn’t even probable cause for this case to warrant further trial consideration.”

While that was good news for Revis, Revis is looking for a job since the Jets decided to let him go three days after the incident. The Jets said that he was released for his production and not the incident.

“The hunger is definitely there,” Revis said. “It’s just passion and love for the game. I’m excited for this season to start. I can focus on what team I can fit with and the best system.”

Revis is not calling for the retirement card just yet when asked who he wanted to play for, he said he wanted to go to the Steelers. “That would be great,” Revis said. “As a child, I watched the Steelers play. Went to a few games as a young child. I played there in high school and college, so to play there professionally that would be awesome too. We’ll see. Hopefully, we’ll have a conversation with the Steelers and see if we can come up with something.”

Revis’s weight has dropped and he is focused on safety and cornerback drills while waiting for his opportunity to get back on the field. “It’s similar training, the way you train, the breaks, the checks, the calls. I’ve been in a lot of secondaries where corners have to make calls as well during the game,” he said. “I’m very familiar with a lot of different skills.”

Despite having a couple injuries that sidelined him last season, he had 53 tackles. However he looked like he’s lost a step, defenders were beating him off the line and burning him down the field with their speed.

With a couple of pounds down and getting healthier, Revis could make a difference for whatever team takes a chance on him.

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