Coming For The King: 205 Live Review

The latest edition of 205 Live was a decent episode as the WWE Cruiserweight Championship was the main focus heading into WrestleMania here are my overall thoughts.

TJ Perkins vs. Tony Nese

TJ Perkins and Tony Nese started off 205 Live. Both have multiple matches in the past. Both looked to regain their momentum as they both lost on RAW. Both competitors showed off their incredible agility, but it Perkins was able to control the match early on.

However, “The Premier Athlete” turned to his incredible strength to regain the upper hand and keep Perkins on defense.TJ Perkins had Tony Nese on the ropes multiple times for near falls but it wasn’t enough to pick Nese away. Nese connected with a Suplex into an exposed turnbuckle. This was followed by his running knee for the win.


Tozawa literally made quick of his opponent in five seconds with a snap German Suplex. Then Tozawa called out The Brian Kendrick. The man with a plan had just that he attacked Tozawa as he dressed up as a security guard.

Austin Aries interview

Less than two weeks from challenging Neville for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania. Austin Aries took the spotlight on WWE 205 Live to conduct an interview with himself. Once again, this made Neville irate and he went back and forth on the mic.

Mustafa Ali against Neville

Ali wasted unitized his unique offense no time going on the offensive and showing that he is legit competition. However, it did last long as Neville was able to get control of the match. Neville made a statement as he destroyed Ali as he sent a message to Aries.

Ali gave a valiant effort but once Neville locked in the Ring of Saturn submission it was all over. The build up between Aries and Neville has been simply unbelievable. These two cruiserweights will put on a hell of a match.

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All the photos were courtesy of the WWE

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