The Cowboys Continue to leave us in “Amazement”

It has come to the point where the question should not be how will Dak Prescott handle the adversity of the week.” Rather, what can’t this fourth-round rookie out of Mississippi State overcome? Last night, Prescott faced the top-ranked defense in the NFL, the Baltimore Ravens. This week was particularly emotional for the Cowboys. This game came after Tony Romo gave his poetic concession speech, and right after the burial of Dez Bryant’s father. With so many mixed emotions, one would easily think that it would have been hard for this team to concentrate on the Ravens. However, after a rough start for Prescott, he left us all in awe, as he’s done week after week, solidifying himself as not only the quarterback of America’s team but the leader as well.

Things looked tough for the young rookie as he started off 4-for-10, but in the second half, Prescott completed 14 of  his 15 passes. This showed his resilience against the top-ranked Ravens defense. Prescott would finish the night completing 27 of his 36 passes for 301 yards with three touchdowns, no interceptions. Cowboys are now 9-1, which is the best record in the NFL and this is also the longest single-season winning streak in Cowboys franchise history. With this performance against the Ravens, he ended any lingering doubts or questions about whose team is this. It is official that this is Prescott team from here on out and he is the leader of this team as well.

According to an ESPN stat, Prescott is the fourth rookie since the 1970 merger to throw for 300 yards with three pass touchdowns and zero interceptions. Which begs the questions, what can’t Prescott do? Every week we pose the question of how will Prescott overcome this? Or how will he respond to that? And every time this young rookie leaves us in awe and amazement.

“They wanted to beat this team, and beat our team at home and haven’t beaten ‘em yet since they’ve been the Ravens,” said Jerry Jones, when asked if this was the biggest win of the season because it was the Ravens and the top ranked defense  by Jabari Young of the San Antonio Express-News. Jones then finished by saying “ It was all there for them come in here and set us back. That makes it all the more impressive on my part for us to have that win… that’s a top NFL franchise that we beat today…I’m impressed.”

Now with the Ravens behind them on a short week. The stage is set for a blockbuster match-up between their divisional opponent on Thanksgiving Day. The Washington Redskins defeated the Green Bay Packers in dominating fashion, 42-24. The crowd chanted “We Want Dallas.” As they watched their team destroy the disappointing Packers. This is where the rhetoric will now begin. With a fearless, and a determined divisional opponent coming into Dallas, how will this rookie, Dak Prescott handle all this pressure? This will be the biggest game Prescott has ever played in, many writers will claim. With that being said, those are actually all the wrong questions.

The real question is how will Prescott continue to amaze us? Will he have a come from behind, overtime victory? Will he throw for well over 300 yards again? Will he lead his team down the field? What can Prescott not do? Is perhaps the real question we should ask. We don’t have to wait long to find out the answers to all those questions as the Cowboys will host the Washington Redskins on Thursday at 3:30pm Central (4:30 ET)

Joshua Vinson

Joshua Vinson

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